Street Fighter IV [Xbox360] Tournament - Kissimmee/Orlando FL (March 21, 2009)

We will be hosting our first Street Fighter IV event on March 21, 2009. Check our our myspace:

Heres the Info

**Radisson Worldgate
3011 maingate lane
Kissimmee, FL 34747

Held in the Conference Center

March 21, 2009

Doors open at 8am and registration will continue until the start of the first event. Free play allowed during this time

Door Fee - $10
Street fighter IV entry - $10

We may also do mini or extra tourneys after the main for $5

8am-11am- Registration begins for Event
11:15am- Tourney starts

prize money is distibuted to top 3 of each event
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

-Xbox 360
-Wired Controllers, gamepads, or Arcade stick. Bring your own contoller!!
-No use of “turbo” on controller
-Double Elimination
-2/3 sets (each game is 3/5)
-Winners, losers, and grand finals are best 3/5 sets (each game is 3/5)
-Winner stays with same character
-All characters Legal

Hope to see you guys there!! Spread the word

I shall Begin Spreading the word for This.

I might Suggest visiting the Atlantic South and posting inside the Orlando-Our game is Tighter then Jebailey’s Shirts(That would be me). And introduce yourself.

right behind ya

Wish I could make it to this one but I have other commitments on Saturday.

I might check this out, though the drive might discourage me from going

Ummm I might attend as well.

any chance you will hold a ps3 tourney sf4?

Everyone bring all your friends, spectators dont have to pay the door fee and there will be A LOT of free play!!

Bring ALL your friends who are interested. There are other games here as well such as Brawl/melee, TvC, Halo 3 and Gears 2!!!

what about MARVEL!? =D

What about it, Nobody plays it lol.

It’s all About Street Fighter 4, let’s enjoy the new game before Marvel HD remix comes out or part 3.

I could show up.

10 to enter the building and 10 more to play? teh?!?

Remember you are able to play all day for as much as you want!

and there will be other games as well as stated before

Where are the PS3 systems? I have no sticks for 360…

You Racist.

My Stick doesn’t discriminate.


Will there be a multi card reader/USB hub (since the xbox 360 only has 1 usb port)?

What do you need Multi Card Readers for.

Xbox 360 has 2 ports for 2 USB Sticks to connect.

where’s the second one? My 360 is kinda new and I’ve only found one port on it right over the ethernet port.

There are 2 in the front. There is a little slot that pushes in on the front of the xbox under the big button, inside there are 2 usb connections.