Street Fighter JOKES


Why are Cammy’s opponents never thirsty?

She gives them a can of sprite.

Ba dum tiss


What’s the catch cry of Bison’s Shadaloo?



My DeeJay plays so lame Kiss FM called and asked if hes available to do the morning show.

Edit: just hoping nobody else posted something similar


How did Blanka find out he could generate static electricity?
Accidentally when he was watching porn.

Why does Cody still wear his prison gear?
He heard Guile used to own everyone with handcuffs.

Why does everybody fight Chunli in front of a resturant?
Cause she keeps leaving the kitchen

Why did Yun bring a skateboard to his next fight?
He heard he was meeting someone famous initialed T. Hawk.


Chun li one was the best one.
followed by the Yun one.


The Cody one was gdlike as well


-What does Sagat use to look for radiation?
A Teiger counter.

-What does it say when Bison runs out of lives in a videogame?
Press Knee to continue.


How can you tell Dee Jay doesn’t like Mexicans?
He’s always shouting: “Mex out!”


All of these


Not a SF joke but whatever.

What character do alcoholics always pick in Blazblue?

Unlimited Jin


This gave me a ST flashback.

Why would real estate be a good career choice for DeeJay?

Because he would KO the competition and says “NICE HOUSE!”


In response to Morrigan getting blown the fuck up by Mike Haggar’s steel pipe,
“You’d think Morrigan would take that pipe to the face a little better being a succubus and all.”

Almost related:
Why does Haggar have a porn star 'stache?
Because he’s always laying the pipe.


One day, Dan was playing the wreck the car stage in sf2. The car perfected him.

Guess who: “Electric balls. Green, glowing electric balls of fury.”

Ever notice how Akon looks like Dee Jay in “I had sex” with Lonley Island? He’s just so freaking happy! Get him some maracas!

MVC2 Description: “Magneto Versus Magneto 2: New age of Redundancy”

“A soul desires a sword… and a sword… desires coffee.”

I-no thought she would be ironic and use her “stroke the big tree” move on Bridget. Too bad she found that it wasn’t ironic at all.

Venom: “I just poking sleek white balls with my long firm staff. Yes homo.”

(Bad- or maybe even good- Demitri pickup lines vol 1)
“Hey baby, want a taste of my midnight bliss?”

Dhalsim win quote from svc: “I cannot wait to get home and stick my right hand in my wife’s curry.”

Hakan vs Rose: A whole lotta wet, oily, @#$ing going on.

I was talking to a tager player called simon about blazblue Jin. I-for some reason- randomly shouted ICECARZ!!.
His reply-since it was after cs came out-was: “No, it’s more of an ice moped now.”

The Apocalypse is coming. How do I know? THEY RE DREW MORRIGAN. THAT IS A SIGN FROM GAWD.
(ten more years!!)


Time for some Q and 'A’bel.

T.Hawk has a good Anti-Air. Ken does too. It’s true what they say. Nobody can like Mexican, Unless you’re ken. Then Shoryuken too.

Akuma: "Ryu… I… Am your uncle!"
Ryu: “Oh shit!”

Sure you can play Street Fighter, As long as you’re Right, Down, And corner punching. Not sure where that last one comes from.

This guy Techs everything I throw at him.


What do you call an Adon fangirl?
A Jaguar Chick.


Jaguar Chick, Sounds Sexy


Another one is How did Sagat cure measels? Easy, Tiger shots. Also: Why don’t don’t street fighters shop at Walmart because they only need Target combos.


Honda in SFA3 sounds like he says “Dogpie” whenever executing a headbutt. Credit goes to DreamTR.

SFA3 Rose sounds like she says “Forrest Gump” whenever she throws a projectile.


What do you call a Bison mirror match?


Dic on Dic