Street fighter lag question

now i played SF3 3s in arcades a little bit but i noticed my Cd version i play on the xbox 360 lags when you go above super jump level

EX: If i use Q’s command throw somtimes it will lag really bad but not free but sometimes it doesnt so i cant really properly time the Drop for the next attack

Now this is off line as well… any answers would help

The Cd is in perfect condition

Could be you tv, or the controller you using. Not to sure…dont have the xbox version. Never got a chance to update my 360

its not really like that lag not like you press a button and it happens 3 seconds later that just happens with Q : )

but like if i do akumas Hard shoryuken when i get up high the game starts to lag like the xbox cant handle it???

Wow…thats serious delay. Last time i had the problem i was in a 3rd strike tournament using a converter. To this day that still pisses me off, cause i know my ryu could have won

check ur stick? used a pad. sounds like an input delay

Its not the stick!??!?!?!?!?! it is the game and slowing down super up high and just acting like it cant handle it.

Ive also noticed in the baground of some stages it looks like black boxes where the smoke comes out where remys stage shoot out smoke of holes and in arcade mode where you can choose up or down if you press 1 you can see flashing purple Sqaures in them … its almost like its not properly emulated

The Xbox 360 version does that, has a few sound glitches too. And the same goes for whoever else mentioned the flashing squares on character select.

that was me too : ) well thank you
Now i know that i just wasted my money buying it : )

i made thread on this topic ages ago i discovered it after 2nd day of its BC release date.

I problem is that the game is not properly using xbox 360 engine, its beening emulated off an emulator.

so xbox 360 treats it like MAME (rom & emulator).

Sabre said this was something to do with verticle frames & emulator not handling it properly, like it freezes when it gets past certain point.

For example Yun’s dp kick freezes, dp fierces for the shoto’s, Oro’s double jump, Q’s deadly & capture blow and etc.

I hope maybe they release an update one of these days that fixes this problem, not holding my breath though.

so after we just went through the petition… we get this lol


are we going to start another one to fix what we petitioned for?