Street Fighter Legacy (New Live Action)

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Check out the teaser clips and pics!! :karate:

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The comments about it being purely for the die-hards is the one comment I ever wanna hear for any media adaption movie.

The casting looks great so far (Ryu and Ken look like they have enough mass whilst ensuring a Gief is doable without Synthol) and the costumes and stances are perfect.
Can’t wait to see the finished version.

Yeh man I know what you mean! Check out the Akuma pose :rock:

This is gonna suck hard

hmmm im def interested.

gonna have to agree with this post

Is Ryu a white boy?

Looks good so far, if it really is for the fans then it should be good.

No more legend of chun li or street fighter the movie garbage…main characters should ALWAYS be ken and ryu (common sense), so this is a good direction.

Don’t know many white guys named Foo, but to answer your question, Jon is mixed chinese irish.

After seeing the shots and some of the trailers and the fact that this is like a small project without Hollywood’s hands over it…I can’t help but be intrigued. There’s no random T-Hawk in the army, no Irish Bison, no Chun-Li playing a piano, and no Hawaiin E-Honda. The characters actually look like the damn characters…especially Ken (can’t say much about Akuma yet until he’s actually turned around but the pose gets 2 thumbs up easily.) What’s really going to be funny is if this short actually ends up being far and beyond better than both live action movies put together…

It already feels like it would be better just for the fact that its probably gonna be similar to the actual story. Like you said, no hollywood randomness.

jon foo is playing jin in the tekken movie.

Hmm, bookmarked. Could be interesting… and it certainly can’t be any worse than the garbage Hollywood has put out.

Check out the quality of the music aswell straight from Joey Ansah’s website -

I’m hoping everyone is subjective when they see the final product.

Joey could probably play akuma himself (has the slightly darker skin tone), but i guess he isnt ugly enough to do the face - no homo

I love it already. If only the guy making the KOF movie had this sort of mindset… Now let’s never speak of that movie again.

Looking forward to this actually, if there’s one thing I want from my video game adaptions, it is that it visually looks like the freakin’ game. I mean, plot schmot, at least make it look correct. And this looks correct.

That Ryu theme sounds awesome.

Lolz to the haters so far, that promo pic of Ryu tightening his headband is better than both the previous movies put together.
IMO it looks about as good as a real life SF can get (minus any CGI stuff). The only thing I don’t like so far is Ken’s He-man hair at 0:06 in the second trailer, it looks nothing like the shot of him with his kit over his shoulders.

maybe it takes place over time…possibly some flashback scenes?

Good idea :tup: