Street Fighter Legends Chun-Li #2 Discussion Thread


The only gripe I had this time was -



The death of Dan’s father didn’t deliver, I couldn’t tell he was dead until Dan said he was. This was the same problem with Rose’s death earlier in the ol’ SF series. For me, I’d rather if things slowed down a tad when people die and there’s more of a description, more panels dedicated to that scene to avoid confusion. Unless it’s more gruesome or something. So I would say you should make deaths more like the ones of Gen, Nash and Gouken and less like the deaths of Rose and Go Hibiki in the future please. :smile:

Though as usual it was a fun comic and I loved seeing Omar Dogan’s pencils once again! Looking forward to the next issue. :tup:


yeah i’ll agree with you about Go’s death, but i am looking forward to Gen and Dorai’ conversation.


Was a nice issue, but almost nothing interesting have happened, except for Go. Bring at least some more easter eggs in the comic panels for the fans…
Was nice seeing Go’s long nose - it reminds me a bot of Tengu from DOA2 videogame. A lot of elder japanese characters have that nose. Does Go’s design have something to do with SNK (due to the origin of Dan as a parody to some of their characters)?


Yep, that whole fight was pathetically short.
Also, considering some of the ridiculous stuff that other people survive in the SF universe, Go got a nosebleed and then apparently was dead. WTF. I had to read it twice to see if there were missing panels or like some hidden story or something.

Otherwise, still loving Dogan’s art.