Street fighter Legends:Chun-li #4 Discussion Thread

The final issue of what would’ve been The Greatest Street Fighter Movie Ever!:rofl:

But seriously, this was good issue :wgrin: with spoilers all about!

spoiler alert

[details=Spoiler]Dorai drop kicking Sagat then gets kikoshoed in the face.
Someone gets a broken leg, of vision of the future, and even Killer Bee guest stars![/details]

Discuss y’all:looney:

For people who don’t like to hear criticism of Udon and Street Fighter, please skip this post

This mini, as a whole, was very disappointing. I said this in a previous thread, but I’ll repeat it here again. Why does Chun Li feel like a guest star in her own mini? For a main character she gets very little page time. It just doesn’t make any sense. Normally I’m all about less popular characters getting page time but Chun Li is such an underdeveloped character that I really wanted to see more of her. Fei Long vs. Lee was nice, but was utterly superflous and served no real purpose in the story. It should have been left out and that page time should have been used to give more focus to Chun, who desperately needed it

Another problem. If you got this mini to learn more about Chun and to see her in some cool fights, you were again left wanting. You got to see Gen in many fights, Go Hibiki vs. Sagat, Fei Long vs. Lee, Dorai vs. Sagat etc, but Chun Li, the main character, fights very little and even then it’s no one of consequence. Huh? I know Chun Li can’t handle Sagat at this stage in her life, but couldn’t the writers at least have tried to write an entertaining fight scene like the preview solicit and the cover for this issue said and hyped up? Instead Chun Li kicks Sagat twice and that’s it. I felt jipped about this “battle.”

The TC warrior subplot felt sloppy and incomplete. Sagat gets some vision from the future and right then and there just suddenly decides to destroy them? It just felt too abrupt and didn’t flow well at all. Po Lin was obviously used to parallel Chun Li’s future situation and even got an actual character arc that reached a conclusion by this issues end. That’s all well and good but what was Chun Li’s? She didn’t have one. The Sakura mini was able to flesh out a lot of different characters without Sakura getting lost in the mix. Here I think the opposite happened. Many of the side characters got fleshed out but Chun Li was lost in the shuffle.

Well, at least the art was pretty.

And that is a review of a basic summer movie.:tup:

But seriously Satarius you are right about chun-li in this arc. If she couldn’t fight, she should’ve at least had more page time to show more duality between her and Po-lin. imo anyway.

You’ve just described every issue of every Udon SF comic.

Lots of focus on sub-plots from less-then-secondary characters that don’t even matter in any way to the SF games.

Final Fight characters in a SF2 comic, stealing time from the actual SF2 characters
Cammy (and Cammy’s team) stealing pages from the actual main SF2 characters
SF1 skipped entirelly, only to bring them back to crowd other character’s storylines
Fights as an after-thought
Every fight is a mess, you’re hard-pressed to find a real one-on-one
Pointless back-ups trying to make-up for their inability at writing a god comic
Plot-points from back-ups being brought up in the actual comic (!!!)

I could go on for days.

I found it to be a fun origin story with good use of hindsight and foreshadowing myself. Omar did a great job on the pencils too. :smile:

Now where’s SF Legends Dan LOL! :rofl:

If they put out SF Legends Dan, because of the way they’ve been treating him, It will be the most epic story ever told lol:pray::clapdos:

Posted on Capcom’s blog too. About time they started repping the comics. :smile:

No no no no no… we need to keep the flow of sexy female fighters getting their own mini series.

Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki (by Omar)

I’d shit enough bricks to build a barn.

Ibuki would be epic. I’m just all for Dan since he is Omar Dogan’s favorite SF character. I say let him have fun before going back to the ladies heh. :wink:

whats up with udon covers lately?

why is dan/lee/fei long on the cover?

Because it’s the last issue and they were all featured in the series is my guess.

The other cover is with Chun-Li and Sagat.

I don’t know if this is the case with Udon but a lot of times nowadays covers don’t match the interiors. It’s a way to get them in ahead of time. In Marvel and DC’s case they tend to be generic because if someone plans to do a story which is usually planned months in advance, they may have a conflict with another writer, continuity issues and so on. So if it’s a storyline-cover it may have to be altered or thrown away. It’s easier for companies to have a generic cover ‘in the can’ so they don’t have to worry about it later on.

Also because solicits are done 3 months in advance and covers are typically shown that early, there’s always a chance that a storyline cover for ‘issue 4’ will spoil something that happens in ‘issue 2.’ That’s hardly ever a problem with generic covers. It’s just the nature of the business really.

I’d add the stupid amount of scenes with Ryu shadowfighting his evil self.

Drawing aside, Udon’s SF comics have been quite clumsy and dull, but in this miniseries it was more evident because of the potential it had.

As I commented once, as poorly made as it was, SF: TLoCL was far more interesting than this miniseries. >_>

Agreed.If it’s supposed Street Fighter Legends:Chun-Li but instead we get more of Sagat,***less ***of Chun-Li.UDON do us a favor;next time when you do another SF Legends story focus the story on the character NOT the others

you’re being rash on this one. i think it’s great they added some depth to her story by reinforcing the background of her surrounding characters. i mean, we all know chunli : who she is, why she’s here, what she can do : we don’t need to be shown that one more time… it’s kind of “see who chunli is by seeing who were those she interacted with” !

and sano, i unfortunately don’t see legends of dan happening : they already covered too much in these mini-series :frowning:

You know, it would be great to see her with characters she has actually something to do with. Instead, Udon just put a bunch of random characters which happened to live in China.

Considering that Chun Li is one of the very few characters who actually does something to achieve her goals (tracking Bison down instead of letting fate pit her against him or something like that) it would have been great to see that instead of a totally random story with random characters doing random stuff while she watches them.

I quite enjoyed this mini series. There were a few things I disagreed with though - Sagat working as a thug for Bison before the first Street Fighter tournament for one. Thats not the Sagat I know but him destroying the statues so Bison cannot use them is. Deep down he’s an honorable warrior. The vision of the future seemed forced into the issue though.

I also wanted some mention of Wong-Mei. I expected his name to be dropped at least once during the course of the issues but sadly it seems like Po-Lin doesn’t even have a brother here; a family photograph just shown Po-Lin and her parents.

As far as Chun-Li not getting enough exposure, I’m fine with it. Chun-Li’s basic storyline has been done to death in all fiction she has been in. More focus on Chun-Li in this comic would just be re-treading down familar paths. As it was though, I enjoyed seeing the other characters pass through Chun-Li’s life (the characterisation was more important to me than seeing the actual battles). And Lee got into a comic. Lee! Whether the story needed him to be there or not, I won’t say anything against including lesser seen SF1 characters although having said that, the Geki ninjas in a previous issue of Street Fighter II Turbo did seem kinda out of place. Now bring on Joe and Mike (or Balrog wearing Mike’s costume at least)!