Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li


Was that one liner Tiger Uppercut by any chance? Or wait, Ti-- Tiger Destruction.

On topic: I have no clue, checked local stores?

Good idea. maybe I’ll check the comic store tomorrow.

If not, I’ll keep looking for it online, and see where I can find good prices.

Anymore help is appreciated.
His one liner was like ‘Lets do this’-ish.

Ok, Well, I went to my ‘Planet X’ store.

And they have it for 4.25 a piece.

Now what confuses me is, the part format.

They don’t have 1A or 1B.

What is A and B, and what is the 1 or 2 (up to 4) beside it?

Can we get a mod to stickie this thread?

I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but I don’t think that’s necessary. A bit of help from someone who owns the series would be helpful.

Why do you continue to mess with me? It’s funny once, but it’s getting old.

No I’m completely serious. I joined last week too and was just about to create wtb thread about comic books in the ssf4 character discussion section. I was a little bit bummed at first when everyone wanted to post in pre made threads about some video game. If you hadn’t showed up I was about to start posting in the Comic Book Forum

Sorry won’t happen again.

Don’t apologize, no need.

Sure, I mean, if this thread could just be sticky’d to be a resource for the comics based on Chun-Li why not?

But yeah, my previous question still stands, what does the A and B thing mean? Issue A Number 1? Or something?

Play nice, Raiden.

@Karimloo: This would have been a better fit for the general discussion thread rather than a whole new thread.

Well, my thought process was that, this is the Chun-Li section, and this comic relates to her, in fact it’s all about her, and so I thought it fit, here or the comic section.

Uh… Could use that tidbit of help though…
What does A and B mean and such… And 1 to 4…

Maybe it’s series A, parts one to 4?
And series B, parts one to 4?

The A and B just mean alternate covers. E.g., Issue 1 has two covers, a cover A and a cover B and so on.

Oh, well, pointless much? I dunno.

I bought 2A and 3A, do I need 2B or 3B? I’ll get the 4s eventually.

Also, she’s really toned down here, her thighs and arms and abs aren’t, Thundery, enough…

looking at it from ebay… (the 4’s) i guess you do need both A and B of whatever volume it is.

[ebay here =] for the 4](

Actually, The V is right, A and B are just Alternate covers, so finally I read the whole thing, and it was a pretty good story.

Hello! didn’t notice this thread, but i could get these books for you if you like

I run casuals at Heroes World in Markham (Canada) but if your located somewhere else i could ship them to you.

The entire series runs 4 issues, and each issue has a Cover A and B as mentioned…and this is only different covers, so the interiors are exact same, so only reason to get both covers is if you wanna collect them ALL or just simply like the artwork

alternatively you can also get a collection that has all 4 issues collected in one volume.

each issue is $3.95 each, and the collection is $12.95

i can post up images of the covers if you like