Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #3 And Darkstalkers #3 Discussion Thread

Since both issues came out today here’s one thread for both. IE laziness. :rofl:

I enjoyed Darkstalkers #3 but it moved a little fast for me. I wish it was longer and some of the fights stretched out a bit more. Still it left everything in a pretty good place for a Vampire Savior comic. Udon please make one… :pray:

SFL Ibuki #3 had more of a pace that I like to see. Of course they had much less ground to cover than Darkstalkers did to be fair. Oh and my favorite part -



“Prosecutor Edgeworth” is mentioned. ROFL he’s from Phoenix Wright! :clapdos: Love the series. Playing Trials and Tribulations now - part 3 - and I’m still 2 games behind… TAKE THAT! :lovin:

Artwork was amazing for both books as usual. Discuss! :karate:

Just read it. You’re right, this section of the Darkstalkers storyline really was rushed. While the events surrounding Pyron did follow the video game story canon, you would think that they could’ve waited a while longer for (readers will know) and allowed backstories for Zabel (whose origin and relations would explain Jedah’s second coming), Lei-Lei (because she’s a fan-favorite), and Aulbath (because he seems to be the only character they haven’t touched on). I still love the comics, but I felt cheated in a way here.

I hope when they do make the next series, they bring Alvin Lee and Arnold Tsang back to the forefront. As surreal and otherworldly as the forthcoming events will be for Vampire Savior, I believe they are the best guys for the job in bringing life to the Majigen.

Shiny covers.

So did Udon mean for Elena to butcher Makoto’s name and have her let it slide, or was that a typo?

Not sure. I read it as a nickname she gave her. If she uses it again we’ll probably know for sure.

Nice issue! It’s a pity that Retsu is not established by Udon as Makoto’s father. Looking forward to the next one!

SFL:I #3 was a pretty good issue. I like that Oro is all senile and acts like a little kid, the way he gets excited and bored instantaneously was funny.

If I had any complaints it’s that the part of the plot with the Geki clan hasn’t been very well-developed, but this will probably change in the final issue.

I have SF Legends: Ibuki Issue #3. However, I never got to read the Darkstalkers Issues 2 & 3.

What happened in the ending of the comics? And did all 14 characters from the first 2 Darkstalkers games appear?

They all appeared only some got brief cameos or few drawings dedicated to them. As for the ending… From what I can remember, it’s been a few weeks and I’ve long filed the comic away in one of my many many long boxes…

DS ending


Pyron fought Morrigan, Demitri and Donovan but Donovan was the one to take him down. Demitri sucked the defeated Pyron’s blood and became powerful enough to rule Makai. Anita helped Donovan (with that snow lady he summons) trap Demitri and his castle in ice and it is now floating in outer space so Demitri can’t harm anyone right now. Morrigan goes home ready to rule the Makai after her father’s passing, but finds out that her other part that was taken away (since they were going to give it back to her), Lilith is missing. It ends with a scene with Lilith and Jedah in Jedah’s dimension.