Street Fighter Legends: Sakura..... Jeans or Skirt?... VOTE!

Many fans have gotten used to seeing one of Sakura’s many trademarks:
The Panty Shot. As part of her casual clothes, artist Omar Dogan drew her
wearing JEANS in Street Fighter Legends: Sakura!

Please think carefully before you vote for this poll and/or reply.
Don’t simply choose “skirt” because you want to see more skin.
Think deeper… into her character and personality.
Did Omar make the right decision to give her Jeans?

What do you think?.. and please give reasons!

Unless it was some kind of reason why’d she go directly from school to wherever without a change of clothes, keep her in the jeans. It looks way more natural for her. There is more than enough chances for fan service every now and then.:wgrin:

I’d much rather she’d keep her school outfit on as much as possible. Not for the panty shots, not being a lolicon I could care less. But over the years I’ve gotten used to seeing Sakura in the schoolgirl outfit. But Omar Dogan could and should do whatever he wants, it’s not a big deal.

Yeah I kind of see Sakura as someone who would run off after school looking for fights, not bothering to change her clothes most of the time. Fashion of any kind would be the last thing on her mind.

Anime/manga characters wearing their school outfits Monday thru Friday day and night is really typical. Weekends are different, sometimes. Lots of anime/manga characters have two seperate school outfits too, it’s usually a short sleeve and a long sleeve outfit.

But for a limited series it doesn’t really matter to me either way what Sakura wears, in the first issue she had her school outfit on and ‘other’ anyway.

I’m much more curious ‘if’ we ever see a Final Fight comic what outfit Guy will wear, his FF outfit or his SFZ outfit…

I vote for jeans, but it would be cool for Omar Dogan to go back and forth between both when necessary.

I guess both jeans and a skirt are part of her personality, it’s better not to alienate either of them.

I go for the skirt, how often do people in anime change…lol No way would they go home and change. Sakura being a tomboy, and having to wear a skirt for school, wouldn’t care too much she’s wearing jeans and whatnot. tomboy, remember…on weekends, no sailor fuku, but school, yeah…and maybe when she goes to sleep put her in something :slight_smile:

If you remember in one of Sakura’s old mangas (I can’t remember the full title). Sakura said that The fuku was part of her image and it was important to her fighting, so the Skirt makes the most sence.

And while we’re on the subject, has Legends 2 dropped yet, my shop doesn’t have it yet.

Definatly the Jeans, I think it adds to Sakura’s personality without saying too much out loud.

‘Sakura Ganbaru!’ Manga by Masahiko Nakahira.

And no Legends 2 hasn’t come out yet.