Street Fighter: Mashup Edition (Community Project)



Street Fighter Mashup Edition is a community project started by yours truly! The album will contain mash ups of various songs from Street Fighter history.

Current members: Jetire911, Smashfury, MashUpMaloney, MixerProductionsIII

Current Track List (Try not to reuse any of these songs)

[details=Spoiler]Q’s Theme - Whatteva I Say (Fatman Scoop & Timbaland) - By MashUpMaloney
Cody’s Theme - Forever (Drake) - By Jetire911
Zangief’s Theme - Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) - By MixerProductionsIII
Makoto’s Theme - Hail Mary (Tupac) - By Jetire911
Dudley’s Theme - Without Me (Eminem) - By Jetire911
Indestructible - Drop It Like It’s Hot (Snoop Dogg) - By Jetire911
Akuma’s Theme - Pretty Boy Swag (Soulja Boy) - By SmashFury
Pitstop 109 - Rifle Burs (GMCFosho) - By Jetire911 !!!MAY BE REMOVED!!!
Kuro and Toro Theme - Everyday I’m Hustlin’ (Rick Ross) - By Jetire911
Rival Battle Vs. Tekken - Feel Good Inc./Shout (Gorillaz/Tears For Fears) !!!MAY BE REMOVED!!!
Jazzy NYC - Body Movin’ (Beastie Boys) - By Jetire911
Yang’s Theme - Kick Push (Lupe Fiasco) - By Jetire911
Guile’s Theme - Like a Martian (Lil B) - By Jetire911
Urien’s Theme - Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B) - By SmashFury

Any songs with !!!MAY BE REMOVED!!! obviously may be removed, so feel free to make a mix including the songs from that mix.

Any songs I made, I’d be more than welcomed to replace. This is going to be a community effort, so even if I made a song using songs you wanted to use, feel free to make it anyway and send it to me! I’ll be sure to update and change this constantly.

If I posted this in the wrong forum, please move this topic to the correct forum. Wasn’t sure to post this in either Media Outlet or SF4 forums.


Sorry for the double post, but MixerProductionsIII is for sure on board now! Also, a couple of new songs have been added.


I was cringing when I first clicked. But then I lol’d @ 1:20