Street Fighter Month: Memories and Highlights

uh… no offense… but did SF month even happen?.. maybe i’ve been too pre-occupied to notice… but other than that SF month home page, SF II0 coming out and the movie released last week, i didn’t really notice anything different from September… hell, a myriad of the stuff “announced” on the home page was either announced/released in sept or isn’t even going to be released for another few months…

come to think of it, i kinda knew about all that stuff in september or earlier anyways…

i just didn’t get it…


they announced it as being a multihit combo super wonderful yay… but it was more like yang initiating Genjin (sp?) then hitting with a couple of low shorts and a crouching roundhouse kick, and wasting the rest of the meter… kinda makes you go,. eh?

the cards are fun, released in sept., half the cards that were released in Oct. didn’t have the rare card (only had 9/10 cards in the pack) and there was little to no customer service…

loved the comic though… MORE PROMO CARDS IN THE ISSUES!!!

generations… luke warm…

nubytech… HA!

What, you expect Cammy herself to come out of nowhere, pat you on the back, let you screw her to have children, and proclaim you as “The Shit”?(Well actually everyone here kinda does but that’s beside the point):confused:

September was probably the only month that reminded me that Capcom is doing something new (or something at all, depending on your point of view). Big props to Udon for going solo, bringing back SF and at least showing any progress made for Rival Schools. :tup:

The SF4 rumor was pretty hot

The SF4 rumor was pretty hot
even SRK was in on this one

i think you misunderstood me… i don’t know what happened in OCTOBER SF MONTH, which was said WOULD happen…

that is all

and no, i would expect Cammy to come out of nowhere and proclaim me “ye olde Shite”


The card game out, the comic came out, the DVD came out, were there toys announced or something? I can’t think of anything else that was really announced and… well, all of those came out sooo… er… yeah. :confused:

Street Fighter is having its best month ever!

Yeah. I feel your pain.

This was the best month of Street Fighter ever.

All 12 controls of the NubyTech line controllers were released, and they announced that they would finally start on the system overlays.

Street Fighter Alpha Generations was released and was a major smash hit among all fans who bought the anime for the value price of 20 bucks.

Street Fighter II Comic has begun to come out to ALL comic stores available, so that they will be able to buy it.

Street Fighter IV was finally announced and Capcom will release it on the next-gen consoles.

Capcom Fighting All-Stars unreleased game from back in the day has picked up re-production and will be released sometime 2006.

Oh, and let’s not forget, the new Street Fighter Anime Series funded by Manga.

Ok, so none of that happened…I only wish it did…then we’d have a lot of stuff to talk about…

Long live Street Fighter, if only…enough people cared…

(Hell, even Mortal Kombat/King of Fighters is still alive)

Street Fighter is a 15 year old series. The fact that they even declared it SF month was pretty awesome, IMO:lol: The fact that a 15 year old idea is still so alive… and all these new animes and comics,its pretty incredible.

and yeah, to second the second post in the thread, what did you expect?

Well where I’m at now none of the Blockbusters I’ve been in carried the Nuby stuff or Epic Battles, so in some ways SF Month only was around if your Blockbuster didn’t suck.

But hey I got my copy of SF2#0 and my one Epic Battle Card.

did you ask them bandit chain? cause at mine they were kind of hidden. the cards , that is.