Street Fighter Month

MY ASS!!! We’re almost half-way through October and still no sign of anything Street Fighter. WTF? Capcom yet again prove (for the zillionth time) that they are full of shit.

The future is sad without SF. :sad:

Street Fighter Month?

I thought October was Black History Month! Goddammit!

Lol, Street Fighter Month was Studio Udon’s idea, not Capcom’s. Erik Ko spoke about it in the Newsarama interview. Erik Ko noticed a bunch of SF related products were coming out in and around the same time, spoke with the companies and decided to make it SF Month and have everything come out at once. Cards, new Anime, his comic, busts, toys, joysticks, etc.

EDIT: You can read the interview yourself here.

Not exactly a bright idea doing it at once. It’s an expensive hobby getting it all (sounds like Pokemon, yes) and saving the money takes time. Especially some of us don’t work. I don’t work. Need to focus on college, so I just ask my bro to get me stuff and I pay him back ever so slowly.

What makes it worse is being in the UK. Half that stuff doesn’t come here, and if it does, idiots like Forbidden Planet get a kick out of selling it for a price I’m not willing to pay. £70 for Akuma bust? No way! £50, maybe, but not £70, which is likely what FP will probably sell it for. Importing the electrical goods and toys only means ridiculous custom charges. It sucks either way really. Ah well, I’ve slowly learnt to live with it, but geez, I just hate customs so much!

Don’t forget giant door posters. I -MUST- have the Felicia one. My life simply won’t be complete without it.

I thought Black History Month was February. :xeye:

Mayor Quimby: It can be two things!

Those door posters are so awesome. I’m getting the morrigan right away. They’ve released Cammy, Chun, Morrigan, and Felicia, right?

Yep, those are the four.

The Cammy and Felicia posters will be available around December.

Where are the door posters? I’ll probably drop loot on a cammy one.

Thanks! How much and when? I gotta get that cammy one. I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for all the collecting but it’s too late.

There you go.
By Alvin Lee and Kevin Lau.

Hrm… I’m not feelin’ the Felicia one. The Cammy one is fly though. My current ranking of the four would be Morrigan (biased haha), Cammy, Chun, Felicia.