Street Fighter movie

Has anyone here seen the live action SF movie that was released back in 1994? I never saw it

How was it?


You know how it was an injustice that Cameron didn’t win the nomination for best original screen play for Avatar. SF Movie was the first modern film to receive such controversy, no best director, no best actor, no best actor/actress in supporting role (I’m mean seriously THawk owned that shit!). This why Van Damme stopped making Hollywood movies, he’s only now been able to forgive them, but he vowed never to forget.

Tekken’s dance scene had nothing on this!

the movie is amazing. here is how you watch it. get some friends together, and take a shot every time someone says “Bison” out loud.

don’t thank me now, thank me tomorrow.

the videogame was even better. No joke

I can’t believe I’m old enough that people are asking about mid 90s stuff, lol.

It was so bad it was awesome. Van Damme doesn’t even try to do an American accent. Raul Julia as Bison is THE example of epic hammy acting. Seriously, you will have a stroke watching him. Zangief was funny as hell. Dee Jay was so snarky.

I was 12 when I saw it in the theatre, greatest day of my life…But for Bison it was last Tuesday. ;D

my friend keeps on threatening me(that he’ll buy it for me on dvd or blu ray). :stuck_out_tongue:

You have one hell of a friend.

Funny you should mention it cause I tuned in to it today on Encore. It was toward the end when Guile jumps out the capsule with a j. roundhouse and everyone gets excited enough to realize they can break free of the handcuff glitch and start fighting.

Also lol at the henchman not being able to hit one hostage as the trap door slowly closes them in.

I have an unopened dvd just in case my other one breaks…Movie is pretty amazing & jerked off to Chun Li’s thighs so many times…The only other movie that is on par is Street Fighter Legend of Charlie Nash…Chris Klein is pretty godlike…

Gross, Legend of Chun Li was terrible. Not even watchable.

This movie is a work of art.

Street Fighter Movie is in the same vein as Snakes On A Plane…Fuckin Classic!

The camp in this movie just makes it that much better.

Quick someone post up that Domimatrix scene with E-Honda!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Someone get carpet lint in here

Just the greatest part ever.


No lie, this movie is amazing. Watching it as a kid I kind of just thought of it as kind of cheesy but fun, but watching it now I realize I didn’t give it nearly enough credit. I honestly want to know some of the creative decision being put into this movie because I really feel that it is a really clever comedy. The action in it is mostly pretty shitty from what I recall so I don’t know who’s idea it was to make that portion of it so substandard, but it all helps to create the whole.

The mere fact that they cast Van Damme (A guy who can barely speak English) as Guile is kind of ingenious. But honestly, Raul Julia is the best part of the movie. He doesn’t hold anything back and does a hell of a performance considering it was his last (RIP). I heard Orson Welles didn’t give a shit when he did the Transformer’s cartoon before he died, but Raul Julia made damn sure he did something memorable even if he knew the end product would be ridiculous (did he know?!). That and Kyle Minogue as Cammy? I mean seriously, wtf is going on in this movie!

I will be showing this movie to my children and children’s children.

I don’t know much about drugs but DMT users who’ve watched SF:TM claim they’re one and the same.