Street Fighter Music

Ryashon - Become The Storm :


Strange Japanese Version:


The Ken song :


Techno :



Turned that off as soon as vocals came in. One thing I like about hearing a lot of these is how people interpret the melodies differently since everyone learns it by ear. I play that song much differently.

That shit is incorrect.

I wasn’t about to make that judgment, but it sure sounded wrong. I haven’t heard the source in probably a year at least.

YupYupYup : [media=youtube]EjLrxRz1sVI[/media]

Gigaton Punch Music Video : [media=youtube]OBHxXufqOEY&feature=related[/media]

Dead Cyclone : [media=youtube]8uIBRApifR4[/media]

Anyone have anything new ? I need some new Street Fighter tunes. :slight_smile:


Look for Street Fighter Sounds(z?) of Spasm.

Good ones -> Ken, Dan, Sakura.