Street Fighter: New battle (ignore lame title PLZ!)

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Years ago a tournament was fought. Where the strongest in the world was named.
Legends were created. And others were destroyed.
After many tournaments it all ended. the fighters went back too their lives.

Years have passed. And now its time for a new generation of warriors too rise too a new challange…

Hong Kong, China

Dan Hibiki smiled looking at his senior most student. Gosai he had massive potential. He had won many tournaments, although not entirely through skill, he had a combination of luck and ‘god-like stamina’ he could take damage on an incredible level. He already learned most of the saikyo techniques. The grandmaster of saikyo was proud as he watched him attacking the wooden training dummy with feirceness before hopping away. “GADOUKEN!” he yelled lamming his fist into the training dummy’s chest shattering it.
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San Francisco, California, U.S.A

“Hadouken!” the yell came this time not from the legendary american fighter Ken Masters. Not from his student. Sean. No this yell came from Mel Masters. He grew into a nice looking young man. Much like a younger version of his father. The attack in question shattered a set up of wood as it broke it. “tatsumaki-senpu-kyaku!” he quickly turned around performing the hurricane kick into a nearby heavy bag.

“not bad.” Another young man said sitting in a chair as he took a drink from a water bottle. He had shortish messy dark blonde hair brown eyes and wore a pair of glasses. He was almost never without them seeing as his vision is so poor when he loses them.

“ha. easy for you too say Justin.” Mel laughed. “im doing all the work.”

“hey i train…most of the time.” He says sheepishly

“Yeah but im still the best now that dad has retired and Sean left his visit too go back too brazil.”

" ‘the best’ eh?" Justin asks standing up. “well remember your a stand up fighter. I use Ju-jutsu techniques. so once i take you too the ground. i win.”

“IF you take me too the ground.” Mel corrects him taking his shotokan stance.

“ohhhh. Its go time now.” Justin said with a smile.

“I could use a good match. guess you’ll have too do.” With that he made a quick jab.

Justin quickly dodged too the left almost managing a takedown when he put his leg behind mel’s and started too slam his hand into his forehead (a suprisingly effective takedown when done right) but mel jumped up and over putting his foot into his freinds temple before landing.

“damnit why do you always go easy on me?” Justin asked rubbing his head.

“My father has been training me for years. You’ve seen me in real fights. tell me. What would happen if i mess up fighting you with everything?”

“point taken.” Justin said using the small destraction too make an ukemi roll towards Mel and sweep his legs can quickly did a breakfall as he landed. “you’ve been watching me practice huh?” justin asked.

“sure. i’m always up for learning more.” He quickly made another jab this time justin managed too grab his hand and flip him over his shoulder.

“good throw…” Mel said quickly getting back up.

“take it easy you two.” eliza said walking into the private gym of ken masters.

“Yes mom.”
“yes mrs. masters.”

Eliza shook her head smiling. “anyway guess what?”

“huh?” Mel asks curiously

“The world warrior tournament has been reinstated. There are a few tournaments being held all over the world sort of like preliminaries for the actual tournament.”

“alright! time too show i can be just as good dad and sean!” He said confidently hitting his contact gloves together.

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