Street Fighter:NEW HASBRO figures

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Okay back in the 90s hasbro made some Street fighter toys from thier GI JOE brand at first they were just a kitbash of existing pieces with new heads but then they became all new figures with all new molded parts

Hasbro unfortunetly cancelled the line before characters like Cammy T-hawk and others were made, BUT THEY ARE GIVING US A CHANCE to see NEW stuff made using the new Styled 4 inch 25th anniversary design, ( this is close to Micro Man articulation Super poseable and super well designed ) next year

if anyone would like to have more Street fighter toys exspecially from a big toy company this is the time to let your voice heard especially with the movie coming out next year ( hopefully )

This would be a good thing even if you dont buy the toys or like the 4 inch scale it would provide much needed attention to the whole brand as a whole

so please cast you vote here:

This should probably go in the comics or gd section.

Man I’m scared to see Hasbro’s SF Movie figures of Cammy and T.Hawk, what the heck were they thinking when they gave Ryu Katana swords? :rofl:

If Hasbro or anybody is gonna make ‘new’ SF toys IMHO they should make the characters look like Edayan’s SF2 designs in SF2 Revival, since Udon’s HD ST Ryu’s sprite is a dead ringer for Edayan’s SF2 Revival Ryu, I’m ‘guessing’ they will all look like that but I can’t say. It would be something different though.

And oh yeah Hasbro should totally make a Mech Gouki figure (the one from Cyberbots) that can transform into… I dunno, a mini arcade machine or something. :looney:

I already made one. :nunchuck:

Nice man, I wish I had your skills. But that’s the MSH vs. SF one right? I’m talking about the one from Cyberbots that’s a mech. What’s his name, Cyber Gouki or something? It’s Zero Akuma in English I think…

Oh, I wasn’t aware there was another robot-like Gouki.

(googles some images)


Damn, he looks pretty goofy. :lol:

Oh yeah it’s Zero Gouki / Zero Akuma. It’s a mech like Jin Saotome’s Blodia II robot, it’s a bonus character in the console version of Cyberbots. :smile:

EDIT: What I could find quickly lol! There’s a card for it in SVC Cardfighters for the DS too.

NO NO NO AND NO to re-issues of G.I. Joe/SF figures. Vega with grenades strapped to his chest? Ryu with katanas? Ken’s ugly mug! No thank you!

Could someone just instead go about kicking SOTA in the ass until they get back to releasing their SF figures?

Well they said that Zangief, Dhalsim, Honda, and Mika will be shown at SDCC and will be out by December.

Wasn’t there a fifth character in the series to be released as well?

Dude, unfortunately, the way I see it, SOTA has said a lot of things in the past year…

and no fifth figure, it’s a 4 character set supposedly.

Hasbro? Hell no, if anything they should be taking away licenses from that company. Everything they touch, they repaint. Their sculpts suck and they’d give them all a bunch of shitty spring-loaded accessories.

Take a look at what Hasbro has done to the Marvel Legends series. It already looked like ass before they got the license. Now everything they release for that series is god awful at best.

NO NO NO NO and NO we are not talking about re-releases were talking about all new molds not old stuff ,using the new 25th ( microman styling ) design

and if they did re-release stuff ( and again were talking about new stuff ) then we would want the movie version of Vega , you obviously have never seen that as its a perfect VEGA Figure

but again were talking about the new design and new sculpts not old stuff

I voted.

Great! the more SF stuff out there the better for all of us in the long run!

thanks for voting

hay, i read in tips&tricks that Organic Hobby is releasing Chun Li mold at a toy fair that past (was this feb.) and are soon hitting US shore s rometime this year (supposedly). and there’s an akuma fig. thats comin this July (tips say 2 figs) by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. tips arent that bright, but they are kinda true about the stuff that comes to us from Japan.

so you want more go vote !

That’s my buddy:looney: