Street Fighter Newb!

Hey everyone, new to the Sf community here! Downloaded SF3 alpha strike and loved it!! I have played fighting games here and there, over the years but none really stuck. I bought SfxTekken beat it on hard arcade was alright. I have picked up SSFIVAE, which I like a lot better! I am currently playing Cammi, Ryu and Abel. I am trying to narrow down which one I like the most and what one fits my place style. I am looking for someone to play with who can help me with some basics and just general knowledge, apart from all the write ups and videos im watching. Seems like a good community glad to be here :slight_smile:

What system do you play on, and what’s your username?

First of all,

Welcome! the community is glad to have you.

As for the character stuff, I play Seth, but all these characters I do noodle around with. Cammy is a very powerful mixup/vortex character, meaning that once she knocks you down…

You can either put down the controller, or you can try blocking some pretty ridiculous stuff. She is a very good rush down character

Ryu is probably the best way to go though, considering he can get you acclimated to the games engine. He has great offense, and great defense. He’s all around as you would expect.

Abel is a fun character, his mixup game is crazy, and he has like the best command grab in the game (Zangief players will probably chew me out over that statement)
His command grab has the most priority of every command grab in the game (meaning it beats out a lot of moves), so Abel is a really good character although, he has a tough time against zoning characters, but thats nothing a little practice can handle.

I would play with you online (Xbox?) But I only play weekends, so if you want to shoot me an invite, by all means please do (my gamertag is DarkxXzeroxX). But I will only be able to play you for a certain amount of time every weekend.

Any way I hope this helped, and I hope you have fun.

oh sorry I play XBL i had a old account, but Im making a new one ill put it on here ina sec, and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: as for fighters…zangief is my downfall…gets me every time. Cammy I feel like im only good with if i can get a solid comboif not cant connect anything. Abel i think is only good vs certain match ups ive played(being that i just started). Ryu is my best but im just trying to practice my combos i think i get too flustered and then my analog stick starts jumping all over the place ;/

XBL gamertag is xTiL3Rx

oh and I have found I really like Juri