Street Fighter Omega Fan Animated Video: Must See

**Hey guys,

If you are a TRUE Street Fighter Fan of any Kind. You HAVE to watch this video or else. I would love to get your feedback after watching.


Shoulda posted it in the Video Gallery forum.

Plus that’s a bit old, I think.

I just skimmed through it because I have no audio, but if that’s fan made…jesus. That’s a really good piece of work.

Also, video forum.

I hadn’t seen this before you posted it. Thanks for the link.

Found this in the video thread last year:


It’s originally choreographed to a song. Yes. Fan made.

I thought this was gonna be some shitty still-framed fanfiction fanwank shit with Papercut playing in the background… How good it feels to be wrong. :amazed:

That was absolutely nuts! I really have a hard time that was fan made. Fucking impossible.

How many times are people gonna post this video here?