Street Fighter One Prolouge

Here’s a prolouge of an adaptation of Street Fighter One that I’m working on (. Keep in mind I’ve used a bit of creative license when it comes to Akuma (and later on when he’s referred to as a demon…that’s just an adjective). It’d be great to get some feedback and ideas for the rest. And I’m not quite sure how to put this on a link, cuz I’m not that great with computers…so I cut and pasted (hope that’s all right). Enjoy…

The tower of a man known as Sagat surveyed his kingdom, his arena, his ring.  He knew that in a mere hour, hundreds of aspiring fighters would be gunning for their shot at his Muay Thai God title.  Sagat was not worried however, because the very last year he had taken down the competition and the title holder, Nuah Kahn, with ease.  Within a matter of minutes Kahn was lying in a broken heap as a result of Sagats trademarked Tiger Genocide maneuver.
Sagat strayed from the happy memory to the recent weeks.  He had begun to suspect that his pupil, Adon, had plans to betray Sagat, and usurp the title of Muay Thai God from him.  Adon was incredibly inept in the style of Muay Thai and was well on his way to greatness, but his temper, faster than even his masters, Sagat believed would be his Pandoras Box.
Again, Sagat released himself from his trance and began to make his way to his dressing room to prepare for the opening ceremonies.  As he made his way down the corridors, a man of about 40 strode up to the 74 giant.  This man stood about two whole feet shorter than Sagat, and seeing as how most grown, and accomplished men of the Muay Thai style stood about six feet tall at the very least, which caused the God to smirk as the man approached. 
Is there something I can help you with, sir? inquired the Muay Thai champion.
Not at all, the last thing I need is help from a young hack like you.  In fact, theres nothing anyone needs to do to help me relieve you of your title. Said the middle-aged man, The names Go Hibiki, but you dont have to worry about remembering it now on account o youll be hearing it a whole helluva lot over the next few days.
Sagat glared and spoke with intensity rising in his tone, Thats quite a statement for an unheard-of, old man.
Heh.  Just keep your eyes on me.  You dont know for how long youll get the chance, said Hibiki as he walked away.  

Goutetsu sat in meditation in his cottage in the mountains of Japan.  He reflected on the absence of his pupil, Gouki, and the darkness he had felt in his chi since last night.  He was troubled by the thought that a powerful student of the Antsetsuken such as Gouki would stray to the path of the Satsu No Hadou.  Even more troubling was the fact that Ansetsuken was a martial art meant as a means for killing an opponent.  However, a great degree of concentration and discipline was needed to master such an art, so it was very rarely a follower of the style was forced to kill.
The Satsu No Hadou however was the original manifestation of Antsetsuken.  A darker, more chaotic style, filled with the intent on drawing blood and pain from a challenger.  The Satsu No Hadou and its methods were sealed away centuries ago, but were not forgotten through stories and legends of its power.  Sealed away along with the practice itself was the most horrifying technique ever wrought on the world of fighting: the Shungokusatsu.  This was used to slay your opponent and send their soul directly to hell where they would burn forever with the crippling blows left on their physical self that they received as a result of the move in the mortal world.  And the last image you saw of your former self was a slumped figure with the Japanese symbol for Ten marked on your murderers back.  Ten is also the symbol used for heaven or more than man.
As these disturbing thoughts crossed the mind of Goutetsu, he flashed to the thought of Goukis brother, Gouken.  Gouken was not as rash, or impatient as his brother, and was the one person most likely to carry on the legacy of the Antsetsuken.  At the moment, Gouken was staying diligent to his training by running without stop through the mountains and woods neighboring their cottage and training grounds.
Those thoughts were abruptly put to a halt as Master Goutetsu heard a creak on the step from outside his cottage.  The master put his meditation aside for the time being and rose from his kneeling position.  He approached the doors to his house and waited a moment before flinging them open.  When the doors had completely parted the image in front of Goutetsu was horrible one.  The first thing he noticed was Gouki standing on the lawn in front of him.  He then saw the new dark blue Gi and masters bead necklace that he donned.  Then the eyes, the eyes of Gouki were blood red, and were wide with ambition.  What happened next was a complete blur.  Goukis entire body became engulfed in a horrifying red flame, and in an instant, he was gone.  Everything settled, in fact, everything seemed to stop from Goutetsus perspective.  Then the master heard it; an earth shattering eruption, the splinter of wood, and the smell of smoke.  Goutetsu wheeled around and stared at Goukis dark, burning form.  Gouki then approached his master, with each step snapping wood beneath him. 
Gouki, what have youwhat have you done?! the master managed to plead.
There is no Gouki.  I am Akuma! roared Gouki, who then grabbed his masters robes, yanking him towards himself.  The master then watched Akumas fists and feet move at lightning speed, as the demons hits connected.  Goutetsu was then engulfed in darkness, but continued to feel his body being pummeled and battered.  Then the darkness lifted for only a moment, and the former master looked up towards his former pupil and watched him turn.  There, glowing in red on the back of the follower of Antsetsuken, was the Japanese symbol for Ten.  Then the master felt his soul rip from his body and be forever tormented in the pits of hell.
I am Akuma!  And I, am more than man! bellowed the demon previously known as Gouki.
Then he strode out of the cottage, leaving its remains and his old master to burn in his fire.  Akuma turned and felt nothing but pleasure from his actions.  There is nothing left for me here.  Ive sent a message to the world of martial arts that not even the former master of Antsetsuken can match me.  Is there anyone worthy enough to spill my blood on the ground?  Akuma began his descent down the mountain that led up to the training grounds, and felt what little remain of Gouki fade to nothing.
From his view at the top of a neighboring mountain, Gouken watched billowing smoke rise from his home.  He then witnessed one of the most bizarre things he had ever seen.  He watched as some of the clouds of smoke formed the prominent figure of Ten.  He looked on as it ascended up to heaven.

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Questions? Comments?

I like it!

Thanks man…any suggestions on how to continue it? Like which characters to introduce first, and how?

i think that was pimp. you should do one about charlie and guile since charlie is my second fav sf character.

Thanks…I’ll get to work on it.

That was fresh. Some Guile would be cool, but me I think Fei Long hasn’t got enough history behind him. Can you help us out? Maybe throw a curve his way? :cool: