Street Fighter Online - Mouse Generation




looks like figurines of street fighter characters battling it out. but why…

EDIT: looks like you can mix and match toy pieces to make your fighter.


Google translator. Still messy, but better than Bablefish.

From what I gather, it is similar to Rag Doll Kung-Fu, where you use your mouse to manipulate your character, kind of like a puppet. Yes, you can seemingly mix and match character “parts” to make some oddball mess n such.


I’d see what it’s about though, I don’t expect much.


Looks like SFEX in 2D.


That makes absolutely no sense, just so you know.


looks 3D to me


So much for Ryu not wearing a funny hat…


I want it




Id play this.


:Sad: No

HnK Online > Action Figure SF MMO :frowning:


Lol at Capcom whoring out SF. RIDE THE HYPE!


… is this a joke right?

I mean… SF EX4 (now THIS is EX graphics) playing on PC with a MOUSE?

Who’s Next? Darth Vader and Yoda in SF4?


map your joystick to the mouse with joy2key then rip people up online


…you play this game with a mouse?
Jesus Christ…

I’d rather have Ryu in a funny hat, thank you very much


cool :lol:

street fighter online? that game sucks…


seconded :looney:
beta apparently starts late feb early march, i’m totally in on this
apparently with the replay file feature you can put comments directly in
the matches that scroll by, just like nico nico video


It’s not like Rag doll Kung-Fu.

I don’t see any way this would be good :wink:


You guys act like this is supposed to be a serious game. Obviously this is intended as a time waster at work or something. I think it’s cool.