Street Fighter Online (SFO)


I just started playing SFO today, using the same name as on SRK. I’m a total n00b at it lol. I don’t even know some of the button configurations. I’m having some problems here. I can’t:
Choose a mode other than "Expert"
Sometimes the game freezes when I pick my characters when I play online.
Switch characters (Can you do that?)
Do supers (Is it the same as the traditional SF? Like to do a Shinkuu Hadoken is: QCF, QCF+Punch?) Those are some of the problems I have.
Also, discuss SFO here :smile:


dont play that




Why not? It seems perfectly fine, besides controller problems, but that probably is just me.


Another fail thread by a fail person. Hope this one doesn’t last 18 pages. I’m outta here.


Ah, haters XD. But seriously. I got problems on SFO. Now GET SERIOUS and help me out.


Step 1: Quit SFO
Step 2: Get on GGPO or PSN or Live
Step 3: Find good players
Step 4: Never go back to SFO.


I’m on PSN already. I don’t know what GGPO is, and I don’t see why I should quit SFO. Its pretty fun.


GGPO and 2df are substantially better than SFO. You can google ggpo and it’ll come up with links to download their client and instructions to help you install it. is the home of 2df which has good competition (arguably less skilled than on ggpo). As for getting the games to work, you’re on your own bud. Google is your friend.


What the hell is sfo?
why play it when theres sf4,ssf2 and MvC2 available on psn

(Edit) ProfzX-nice post- scrap that crap man stick to psn its free, capcom + cash = new better games


Well, my mom won’t let me download anything. I’m on my Wii, but Nintendo doesn’t want crap downloaded onto their precious little white box family friendly gaming system.


I suggest you keep playing SFO but stop expecting other people to want to talk about it.


SF2:The Movie:The game / Street fighter 1 / Shaq fu >>>> SFO
Not only is it garbage, it gives you spyware. As if it sucking wasn’t bad enough


I already do play that, but not at the moment. Until I get to my cousins’ house, I’m stuck with SFO. When I do get over there, can I play you?


I second this. Google “GGPO”, and follow the instructions. There are also tutorials on YouTube on how to run GGPO as well.

And yes, even TRYING Street Fighter Online (whatever the hell it is), was ridiculously fail on your part.


I just said my mom wont let me download it. Ugh…ever heard of reading the thread? Its not like its 20 pages or something!


The most obvious solution is to simply kill your mom, then download it.


Lol. SFO. I remember that shit when I was searching for SF news and crap. Then I was telling my friend, “YO, you can play SF online!” They were like, “Yeah, we know.”

However, we were both talking about completely different things. Then they told me about Kaillera. Then I came to SRK little after 3rd strike was cracked.



Please, please do not let this idiot get yet another multiple page thread, I know my post isn’t helping, but just as a warning to all who will feed this troll


Holy shit, I found you on youtube.