Street Fighter or Capcom themed clothing

I’m looking for something like a t-shirt with just the Capcom logo on and some Street Fighter socks (preferably SFII). It’s for a friend’s birthday, and it’s kind of a joke since he was bitching about always getting socks for his birthday, so I thought I’d get him something like this which I know he’d actually appreciate.

gtfo nerd

This is the perfect gift… —>

Yeah boi!!! Snuggie! I’m wearing mine right now. lol. If all else fails you can buy iron on stuff that can be printed off an inkjet printer. They’ll sell them at walmart at the fabrics dept. I do my own shirts all the time. Costs me 6 buck per shirt I make. That’s at LEAST 4 dollars saved per shirt, AND I get to put my favorite things on shirts!

Megaman Hoodies

someone from DeviantArt made them.

wtf for sale? id buy the megaman one… lol.