Street Fighter or KOF on X-BOX 360?

Okay I have been out of the loop for along time now when it comes to new systems. My last game system was the Dreamcast which I still play 3rd Strike to this day on. But I now have a 360 but are there any 2-D Street Fighters or KOF’s for this system? The only game I have is Project Gotham Racing and it’s boring me to death.

You can buy SFII in the Live Arcade. The SFAC isn’t compatible with the 360 I don’t think, though.


For KOF’s, I’m not too sure. Though for the 2-D SF’s, I only know of SF2: HF, which is obviously on XBLA. SF: AC is for the Xbox 1, but as of right now, it’s not backwards compatible for the 360.

If there are any, I’m sure someone will correct me and/or let you know about games that are indeed available for the 360.

Okay thanks for the help. I might buy an old PS2 from a pawn shop to rebuild my fighting game collection.



Only FGs that work on a 360.


This is coming to america if you want to count it as a FG.

KOF IS FUCKIN TRASH ON XBOX…FUCKIN LOADING ALL DAY! get DOA on XBOX fuck 2-D.I was so mad when I fuckin got KOF Neowave and Samurai Sho.V the load times are fuckin ridiculous.SNK doesn’t know how to make fighters for XBOX.

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Stage- Xbox Live



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Hyper Fighting’s out, Fatal Fury Special supposed to be on the way…otherwise, meh. SNK’s taking some time off, apparantly, no KOFXI or anything, Capcom fell asleep on Alpha Anthology, and Microsoft’s stubborn Live Arcade 150MB limit basically rules out just about every 2D Fighter made after 1994 for SNK and Capcom.

You’ve got hyper fighting online, one of the best sf’s ever. Worth getting a 360 for. Best fighter on 360.

fatal fury special got announced ages ago but seems to have gone awol. It probably won’t happen.

150mb limit is okay for snk games, kof2002 rom was only like 70mbs

Don’t forget there is also UMK3 on the 360

If Hyper’s 50 MB, KOF 2002’s only…70?:confused:

I think FFS is back on track for a July release, people were bitching about it on the XBL Hyper forums, saying it was going to suck…

It’d be nice if Live Arcade would push into the 90’s a bit more, get some Aerofighters, classic shooters and stuff. Namco Museum titles are getting really old.

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Maybe it’s just me but I thought I noticed that for Neowave the Xbox version had faster loading times than the import PS2 release.

Why did u buy a 360 then if u are trying to get back in to fighters???