Street Fighter Pairing Survey: A treat for all shippers!


Hey people. Allow me to do a quick copy-n-paste from capcom-unity.

"If you’re a Street Fighter fan who loves creating romances between its many cast members, I’m interested in hearing your opinions on who’d make the most ideal couples!

We’ve all had our own private thoughts of certain males and females in the Street Fighter universe getting together, whether we choose to admit it or not. It’s okay to deny this experience, but I’m betting you’d still want to express it in some way, even if you’re not willing to talk about it. That’s why I’ve compiled this survey for you all to take part in! If you don’t wish to disclose the answers you give, your anonymity will be respected, and you’ll immediately get to see the results upon finishing every question. To make things even better, you’ll be able to revisit the survey and edit your answers at any time.

It’s important to note first that the following characters are already dating, engaged or married and won’t be included in the survey: Ken, Guile, Dhalsim, T.Hawk, Juli, Guy, Yang, Necro, Gill, Rufus, Hakan.

The rest of the males are single and ready to be given to each of the 15 SF girls still looking for love!

And I want to say this for anyone who feels like leaving troll posts. While Street Fighter clearly isn’t about romances, the whole point of shippings is that they are all what-if and done for FUN. You don’t have to like it. And if you don’t, there’s no reason to post in this thread. Let’s just leave it at that, k?

Here it is.



Would love to be able to Guy and Rose along with Zangief and R. Mika just for the hell of it, but fun survey nevertheless.


I hear that a lot. But if I put Guy and Zangief on the list of single and straight males, I’d have to put all the married guys on there so people can decide who they’d cheat with. Lol!


Oh man, this is sweet! Here’s mine.

1) Which single female would you most want to date, or introduce to a male friend? Ibuki.

2) Which single male would you most want to date, or introduce to a female friend? Alex.

3) Would you pair the two characters you just picked together? Yes!

4) Who would you pair with Chun-Li? Ryu, just out of necessity more than anything. They’re both role models in the SF universe, so why not?

5) Who would you pair with Cammy? Eagle. Cammy’s a bitch towards everybody that doesn’t fight seriously enough, but Eagle’s said to be pretty ruthless. And there’s no canon confirmation that he’s gay anywhere else than CvS2.

6) Who would you pair with Sakura? Blanka. Might as well. Her circle of male friends is pretty limited.

7) Who would you pair with Karin? Fei-Long, because they’re both famous. And Karin won’t settle for anything less than famous.

8) Who would you pair with Rose? Sagat. I think of him and Rose as parental figures to Ryu.

9) Who would you pair with Maki? Cody. Makes sense, right? Instead of dinner and a movie, they can just look for more punks to beat the crap out of. Imagine how their wedding would turn out!

10) Who would you pair with R.Mika? E.Honda. Zangief’s gay, so might as well give Mika the next logical thing. Honda happens to get along really well with other Japanese people, so this one’s a given.

11) Who would you pair with Juni? El Fuerte. T.Hawk got Juli. It’s only fitting that he invite her “sister” to his neighbor in Mexico.

12) Who would you pair with Ibuki? Alex. Can you really see his story in SF3 coming to the resolution it did without him meeting Ibuki at least once? They seem to complement each other really well too.

13) Who would you pair with Elena? Dee Jay. Pretty obvious.

14) Who would you pair with Makoto? Abel. He’s what I call “Alex-lite.” A perfect match for Ibuki’s pseudo-rival.

15) Who would you pair with Juri? Vega. They’ve got way too much in common not to hook up. Even if Vega IS working for Bison, he’s not pretty enough to stay loyal to him. LOL.

16) Who would you pair with C.Viper? Haggar. He’s the most professional guy you can meet. No other mayor cleans up crime with his own fists and a steel pipe. That has to attract Viper’s interest. He’s also a single parent like her.

**17) Poison wants a man. Do you think it’s worth pairing her with one? ** Yes / Gay or bi. I don’t see her getting rich enough to have a sex change, so a “straight” romance is out of the question. I gave her Zangief.

20) If Ingrid reliquinshed her powers, do you think it’d be worth pairing her with one? Absolutely! I gave her Gouken. They’re both easter eggs in the games they appear in, so it’s the most sound decision.

22) Did any of your male choices overlap with two or more females? Thankfully, no.

24) Which of your pairing choices would you most want to be made canon?

Chun-Li, Cammy, Karin, Maki, Ibuki, Makoto, Juri

25) Why do you want your pairing(s) to be canon?

Because they’re so sexy together! (Chun-Li, Karin, Ibuki, Makoto, Juri)
Because they have so much in common. (Maki, Juri)
Because that can make their stories end happier. (Chun-Li, Maki, Ibuki)
Because that can make their stories coherent. (Ibuki, Juri)
Because it’s more logical than another pairing people want! (All)

Good survey, man! I hope you update this when the next SF game comes out with more characters!


Never thought of this pairing in that way. I sort of based my liking on the fact Rose is a “female Bison”, which would almost make this a boss pairing.

Coincidentally, a lot of people seem to be shipping her with Bison himself for that exact reason, despite their morality being polar opposites. I still don’t get that fascination with heroine/villain crack pairs.

That’s exactly what I said! Lol.

I concur! I’m disappointed that Capcom never gave them so much as a friendly cutscene together. With Gill around, they should have no less than solid cameraderie.

Good one.

Damned straight!

As long as they give us more shippable characters, I sure will.