Street Fighter photorealism art?

Has anyone done any photo realistic artwork of Street Fighter characters?

More specifically real life situations like Guile at the DMV (:smile:) or Ryu sitting in a restaurant. The characters are almost always drawn (particularly in anime/cartoons)wearing their game costumes in situations that don’t make sense. How about drawing them as they would be in a day to day basis? Not cartoon-like.

The artist would have to see the character from a different perspective - transform the concept into a humanistic version.

Like ron Kleeman’s work…just almost real.


This looks like a good fighting game background! LOL

Richard Estes is the man

HOLY COW - I thought this was a picture!! This is the extreme idea of what I had in mind, make a SF character real.

Does anyone else envision what I’m describing? I can’t draw worth a crap so I’m trying to get to idea to someone who can.