Street Fighter Pinball game

Anybody see this before?

Someone here in my hometown is selling a mint condition one. He’s asking $1200 for it.

Is it worth it? If I were to buy something like this, it would be to keep it and hope its value would go up in the long run.

Woah. You are going to get mixed responses in terms of recommendation of a pinball machine. I think its very cool but you can get an Arcade cabinet for that price as well. So my verdict of this?
Very Cool, If you are a Pinball fanatic, go for it, if not, don’t and buy an Arcade cabinet.

IMHO $1200 seems way overpriced for such a shitty pin, but what do I know…

Never knew a SFII arcade-pinball game existed, interesting. Still its just a pinball machine, i say no and also highly doubt it’ll rise much in value.

I’m with nGuman, use the money towards something better.

Agreed, the early 90’s when stuff like this was still hot, is long over. The price that guy is asking is unrealistic.

the price listed is crazy high. a while back near my old house an arcade sold a sf2 pinball machine for 600 and it was in great shape.

Hmmm, never seen one in person, street fighter anything is cool!

I remember this They were pretty common around here back in the day.

Its hard to say if its worth the money. it was defiantly interesting though and I found it fun at the time. (I was probably like 10 years old however)

if its really mint and almost never used then price is cool. otherwise 600-800 tops. machine is kickass. if you collect sf stuff then i would grab it if it was lower.