Street fighter players that play halo2

Post up your tag and highest level and which game type.

I have Halo 2… I just suck so hard at it… if you have a low win count and want someone to just beat up on, you can invite me for a match if you seem me online - SRKSANO - right now all I’m messing with is SFAA for the PS2 but when I finish unlocking stuff for that I’ll be back to my usual Xbox Live 2 nights a week routine.

lol!scrub.i really hope SFAA comes for xbox.

Level 31 in TS, gt is JumboSuperPork.

XBL tag: se dai. Level : 27 in rumble pit. I usually play team games when i’m on halo though, so if you would like to own with me dalipower send me an invite when you’re playing.

I’ll give y’all some free kills…


Gonna look for y’all some time this week…