Street Fighter plot continuity and references

Can anyone think of an instance where:

1.) The plot of any SF character in a given game references the plot in another game? Only example I can think of is Sagat’s scar, but I am not uber-familiar with all of the single-player endings.

2.) An instance where the plot references how a character used to function? A hypothetical example might be “Hey Ken, remember when your dragon punch started flaming?”

I’m only looking for in-game examples, nothing in the manga / movies / fan fiction etc.

There was something about Ryu’s handband being white in A2 and how he got a red one from Ken (used to be his hairband). It was after a match they had after the first SF tournament and Ryu was dealing with the dark hadou.

Only thing I can think of.

One thing I find strange about SF4, though - keep in mind I don’t really play or even like the game - is didn’t they fuck the story up with some stuff? Like Bison being alive? Wasn’t he supposed to be gone for good because his soul was destroyed at the end of ST?

Just goes to show how companies will be quick to retcon stuff so they make a quick buck. Aw well.

Urien refers to Shadowloo in SF3: Third strike when Chun-Li fights him in a mid-boss battle…saying that she was instrumental in its downfall.

And, of course, Guile’s story in SF2 references Charlie, a character/story in SF Alpha. Or rather, Alpha references SF2.

SF4 also references Charlie and his plight from Alpha…

Also, Gouken in SF4 uses moves that Ryu only begins to use years later in SF3…implying a connection there.

And, most SF games more or less make reference to Ryu’s struggles with the Satsui no Hadou/Murderous Intent, which all started in SF1…

Where was the Satsui No Hado in SF1?

I know it was just an example, but I don’t think Ken’s DP has been referenced specifically. Super Turbo retconned each earlier version of SF2 (he didn’t get a flaming punch until vanilla Super), and he always had flaming punches in the Alpha games, which were set before any version of SF2 at all. This means that, canonically at least, the only time he didn’t have fiery uppercuts was in SF1, which is barely mentioned anyway. Still would be nice if we got a reference or something.

Also, it’s not really plot related, but according to the SFA2 Versus Book Guide, Chun-Li’s crouching roundhouse that she’s had in every game was specifically made to be just like Gen’s in SF1, so it’s at least a nod to the earliest game. It’s even called the “Gen Den Ansatsushuu” or “Gen’s Legendary Assassin Kick”.

Vipe anime short tells some stuff. In Japanese though.


How Bison was “defeated” at the end of SFII @ 0:41

After those events, Geese Howard trained Sagat. Tiger REPPUKKEN @ 3:00.

Alpha 3 retconned a lot of SF2 stuff, but at least the plot was fairly cohesive.

Then SF4 came along and messed up the story for the whole series…retconning shit not only from SF2, but also Alpha and SF3. Yeah, if you want proof that Ono had any understanding or regard for the rest of the series…:rolleyes:

He didn’t have it in-game, but according to the story I heard, Sagat had pretty much beaten Ryu in the first tournament, but before the final blow was landed, Ryu was possessed with the Dark Hadou and did a shoryuken, putting the scar on Sagat’s chest. You won’t see any indication of this in the SF1 ending. This was a later explanation to Sagat’s chest scar that appeared in SF2 and so on.

According to the canon storyline, Ken didn’t participate in the first SF tournament because he was fighting in an American fighting tournament at the time and won. I know he’s in SF1, but canoncally, he wasn’t there. Some games make reference to Ken being the Pan-American champ due to his US victory.