Street fighter prayer



Akuma wept.


What the fuck



Is this even a religeous website?


I don’t want religion in my game.


how do you go 5 years on SRK and not realize this site is strictly for god fearing, christian street fighter players?



The prayer for people dealing with the TC


i sense a few converts among you all.

@Manx, can you please sample this thread some of that kool-aid virus awhile back.
some cray cray scientology bout to go down…!


Hax, i didn’t know you had fam on SRK


Being serious for a moment. Why do every image made by religious groups look like it’s ripped from a 90s website?

That font.

That text.

Them effects.


I don’t think Jesus or Master Chief would care about your videogames bro…


That moment when you reeeeally miss the wtf button


Read Pherai’s sig. The artist formerly known as Jesus is my Homeboy.

Don’t read this guy’s stuff. He’s the reason all that “Jesus street fighter healthbar fight HADORKENS mockups” exist.


I was expecting BTier’s latest incarnation.


what is this stuff, WHITE TWITTER?

the resolution on those images bruh


That would look like this, just a lot more filipino

Apparently he is having trouble with Dhalsims