Street fighter question

So who was who in the japanese version? i am kind of a newbie to the whole fighting game thing but… i head that people like M. Bison, vega, sagat, and balrog etc…all had differnet or eachothers names…is that true?
Sorry for such a noob question.

our M. Bison was Vega there
our Vega was Balrog there
our Balrog was M. Bison there.

it was changed due to the boxer’s similarities to Mike Tyson and the name M Bison was too close.

Such an annoying change, really. Especially when you play Japanese and American versions of different games.

personally, i always refer to the original names. the shuffling of names in the american version is just plain dumb.

I refuse to call them the japanese way it just feels weird

vega is balrog in japan
balrog is m.bison
m.bison is vega

hell no

that’s cus you were familiarized the wrong way

I was familiarized with their US names, but I’m more comfortable calling Balrog (claw) Vega. I think Vega just fits him more than Balrog. I also think the name Vega also fits dictator…so it’s usually a toss-up to who gets called what for me.

I like most people was introduced to the US names, but years of playing imports have gotten me accustomed to the original Japanese names.

Also US Akuma = nippon Gouki and, talking about Alpha(Zero in Japan) series, US Charlie = nippon Nash

i refuse to use the japanese names cuz WE LIVE IN AMERICA FUCK YEAH.

I just call claw: claw, dictator: dick and boxer: boxer. I do call akuma: gouki however.

also depends who I’m chilling with, I’ll follow whatever standard they people I’m playing with set. Just like I do when I call K’: K, K dash or K prime.

If you live in america but use the japanese names then you’re an Otaku.

K prime?


Gouki sounds like something you would name a cat or a gerbil. It’s a wimpy name. Name your cat Akuma and it’ll claw you, stick your head in the toilet and beat you to death with the seat.

Vega is a somewhat feminine name because of the “guh” sound at the end. So it fits claw boy nicely. Balrog is a straight up NAME. It’s a no shit name. It works well for boxer (though I get where M. Bison comes from). Bison is a dumb name unless boxer has it because then it’s somewhat funny.

But yeah, unless you live in Japan, Balrog boxes, Vega’s gay and Bison wears a cape.

I can understand why they changed the Boss names in SF. But I still have no idea why they change names in other games. Or why they changed Gouki’s name.

Vampire Savior is a good example.
Bulleta = B.B. Hood
Gallon = John Talbain
Lei-Lei = Hsien-Ko
Aulbath = Rikuo
Zabel = Lord Raptor

None of that makes any sense. Though I do like the American “John Talbain” better… just sounds cooler for some reason.

And they’ve done it in other games, too. Like Red Earth.
Kenji = Mukuro
Tessa = Tabasa
Hydron = Nool
Mai-Ling = Tao
Blade = Jihad
Kongou = Tanuma
Lavia = Luan
Ravange = Secmeto

Again, none of that makes any sense. Why the hell do they do it.

I think the name changes has to deal with copyright laws as with M. Bison(boxer) refers to Mike Tyson and capcom of america didn’t want any lawsuits so they swap the names around. Correct me if i’m wrong:sweat:

hmmm i always wonders why they need to swap the name around… can’t they just renamed only m.bison back then to something else? like tyrone ?

This is a pretty popular version of the story, although I’ve heard from various sources that the similarity to Tyson had little (if anything) to do with it.


One change that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the term “blocking.” In Japan, this is known as “guarding.” And, to confuse shit even worse, what we know as “parrying” in America is known as “blocking” in Japan.

So, thus:

When holding away while your opponent attacks, Japanese people guard and we block.

When tapping forward to intercept an attack, Japanese people block and we parry.