Street Fighter Related Violence

Have you ever seen anyone who had their face beat in over a game of Street Fighter?

I’ve seen a good few fights, well, mostly shoving matches… But I do know that sometimes the game really pisses people off.

The first time I saw a guy get a nice pop in the jaw at the arcade, it blew my mind! Anyone have any stories about guys flipping out and throwing fists after a tick throw? I know you got 'em.

I haven’t seen this kind of aggression with any other genre. I’ve seen people get pissed during sports games or whatever, but to go one on one? Or a cheap shot? Maybe because you usually play those games with your buddies and not at an arcade with random fools? I dunno

I’ve even heard legends of guys getting stabbed, or killed lol.

I heard (though not on here) that some guy got shot in the face after talking shit following losing at MvC2 in some mall.

The amount of faggots who seem to think their skill at a game is an extension of their masculinity, to the extent that they’ll actually become violent over it, is pretty pathetic. Like most stupid drama, it seems to be primarily present in the MvC2 scene.

I’ve seen a guy get his head slammed into a pool table over throws in sf2 lol.

Most fights are actually usually caused by shit talking. Not the video game itself.

That’s equally as bad. I know that some people like to shit talk because they find it fun, which is cool, but if you’re taking it so seriously that you come to blows over it, you need to get a fucking life. Equally, if you’re using a fucking videogame as a means of settling pre-existing drama, which then results in you coming to blows, you also need to get a life.

yo, MvC2 causes fucking DRAMA… friendships broken… people getting hurt… people wasting their lives to have yipes like execution… it’s fucked up… MvC2 should be a fucking soap opera.

Electronic Sports World Cup, about a million in cash prizes held every year in paris.

All these players are top ranked gamers sponsord by several companies, first place in most 1v1 games is 35 grand. So you’d assume these guys can behave.

Infinite (an unreal tournament 2004 player) get’s piss ass drunk, and starts a fight with the UK Quake 3 team captain (TooGood)… get’s his ass kicked, and is ejected from the event, and the area where it’s held. Then spends the next couple days hiding from security till his plane ride back to the US, only to get thrown off his team.

Funny part is that a fair amount of this was caught on camera, and since ESWC gets broadcasted in a fair amount of the world he looked really stupid.

I know it’s not street fighter, but it’s funny none the less as idiotic gamers gone insane.

booze + games + competition + money = idiots

Is that the inf1nite dude I’ve heard about?? Link to vids ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also wanna know if the rumours are true, has anyone ever DIED over a game of SF??

yeah it’s inf1nite before he got thrown out of kaizen

There are some vids of him being a drunken idiot in the middle of traffic on somewhere, other vids of stuff that went down later have been floating around on IRC

My friend bet me i couldn’t beat is yang against my sean, in 2nd impact for 10$'s.
I beat him and said he shouldn’t stay in the corner so much and he took that as shit talking and tried to fight me so then I started parrying his punches but parrying in real life is different cause my fucking arms started hurting so I punched him in his face and ran downstairs and went outside I couldn’t believe that shit had just went down and I had punched somebody that got me as good as I am now. He came outside but he just left the arcade.

Later he paid me and we been playing ever since.

Another time there was this guy that moved to Omaha Ne from Sunnyvalle Cal and he was always bragging about how good the “greats” were like Valle and one of them Jasons thats good at ST not shirts,not Cole,not wilson the other one.

So I got sick of hearing that shit whenever he lost in 2nd impact so I was like dude this aint even ST ya know stfu about that shit damn. He owned me alot though in 2nd impact cause I was a noob. But eventually the noob started dominating everybody and they momma with Sean so one day he just couldn’t take losing to a cornhusker anymore and tried to fight me, I was half sleep laying on my stomach to the floor and my friends were still up playing Kof 99. Somebody was leaving and this fool was coming in I guess and I saw two feet on opposite sides of my waist. This fool was standing over me hitting me in the head with his fist!:looney: So I got up some how threw a fake punch at his face and he reacted and backed up and hit his head on the wall!!(the fucking wiff WORKED!!):rofl: :rofl:
so then I stole on his ass and busted his nose so then that fool was holding his nose then I punched his ass again but he didn’t fall so I kicked his ass as hard as I could in the face and blood went everywhere and my fucking shelltoe flew off. Then he fell and I started stomping his ass like Alex more like sentinel but somewhere in there he moved and I fucked my heel up and limped for like two weeks. Then the homies playing KOF got me off of em the cops came and asked ME if i wanted to press charges and I was like nah its cool now.

The guy that pulled me off of him was the same guy I had the money match with in the arcade.

Gamers get violent in Omaha Nebraska, ex thugs and gangmembers and fighting games dont mix.

Either that or 2nd impact Sean was broken!

Fighting over a video game is fucking retarded. That is all.

This thread can be also called “STREET FIGHTER 4: MEET THE STREET”.

fighting is retarded in general:wgrin:

Yeah I feel the same way, I cant believe you gotta do so much in my enviorment to avoid fights rather its the arcade or just going to go get a black n mild from the store its insane!


Quoted for truth.

Still don’t know how or why. It’s just a game.

…these two white kids were bitching at me through a match of XVSF, stating that I was** cheap** because I did two grabs on the guy in a row with Wolverine and I still kept cool.