Street Fighter Remix #0 out this Thursday!

HEy gang,

Don’t forget that Street Fighter Remix #0 is out this Thursday, Sep 4(tomorrow!). Head to your local comic shop and pick it up.

We are expecting this one will quite likely sell out, so get to the store early. And if your comic shop has run out, we did overprint the run, so tell your shop owner they can still put in reorders.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Turbo preview page
Chun-Li Legends preview page
SFIII preview page

Nice! Can’t wait.:bgrin:

Once again, thanks for the info Matt! :tup:

Nice, had to call my lcs to make sure it was on my pull list. It is :smiley:

Fucking FINALLY!
Here’s hoping that any future UDON delays will be at least a week long :stuck_out_tongue:
Other than that, I’ma enjoy these series, Keep them coming UDON! :tup:

yay sf is back!!!

I will definitely check it out ASAP.

Ah, yes finally!!
Hittin up Midtown at lunch today

Good shit. The SF3 preview was particularly fantastic. Eagerly awaiting that most of all.


Good fun!

Guess who shows up in SFR #0?


Loved the Po-Lin cameo! She’s from Masaomi Kanzaki’s Street Fighter II manga. Udon put out a translation of it earlier this year. :party:

Shit! I forgot to buy it! Damn…

I just went and got it at lunch. I’m actually kinda interested in the ChunLi mini story, but everything looked really good.

IGN reviwed it and gave it a 6.5 :frowning:

i haven’t had the chance to get the book yet, but apprently they didnt like chamba’s take on street fighter 2 turbo.

those of you who have the book, what do you think of chamba’s art style?

DITTO! sf 3, baby,FINALLY!
thanks for the info,Matt!~

I dig Chunners’s blue/yellow hoodie thing. Capcom, make that so I can get one for my woman! She’s got dem Chun Li legs, rarr.

I dig Chamba’s art, it’s different but still cool. That Ryu/Ken/Chun-Li cover is sick!

My favorite SF comic artist is still Arnold Tsang.

I like Alvin Lee more on DS than SF but he still rocks!

All of their artists past and present are really talented. Omar Dogan and Joe NG are doing awesome work too.

Everything looks good. I don’t get the Chamba criticism; I think his action shots look excellent. The still shots are a smidge odd but they’re not even close to terrible.

The end is a bit bizarre, but I assume there’s a reasonable explanation.

Minor note, on the first page of the SF3 preview, “I’m you’re pop” should be “I’m your pop.” Usually the grammar is fine, but that got by somehow.

Good issue, I really like the art, even though I’m partial to Arnold Tsang.

I can’t WAIT for SF3, it looks like things are going in the right direction!

i have to be honest i agree with the IGN review - there was something lacking in the street fighter 2 turbo section - it just wasn’t the same as the other 2 sections and the art was different to what i expect from udon (and seemed out of place with the previous street fighter comics) - compare that to chun li and sf3 which looked vey good and very ‘udon’.
i find myself looking forward more to chun li and sf3 than sf2turbo now, something i wasn’t expecting :frowning:

The SF3 and Chun Li parts look freakin’ awesome. Turbo, uh…could have been better.