Street Fighter Remix #0 out this Thursday!

I like the look of all of it. The scene with Takamur- uh, Zangief fighting the bear kinda turned me off. Otherwise, I loved the art very much and I honestly can’t wait til Necro gets involved int he comics.

I picked it up on Thursday, and honestly I’m not totally thrilled by it. Most of it is solid, but altogether unspectacular.

First with Chamba, I think he’s an awesome illustrator and some of the characters and actions look great but I think his panel compositions are lacking. The other thing that I don’t like is the lack of any inking, the simple naturalistic painting style of Chamba looks strange juxtaposed with the blacks of the speech bubbles and gutters with no inks balancing it out. Also the sfx don’t mesh well with his rendering style, I know this is nit picky but I’ve had high expectations for this since we’ve been waiting so long, it just seems really inconsistent to me. I’m hoping the paneling will work itself off when the actual story picks up rather then the jumping around catching up with all the cast.

I’m definitely more impressed with the Chun Li story, every time Dogan puts out more work you can really see him progressing and this is no different. Its small but I like that the gutters aren’t tiny as hell in this story too, yes there is less action but the main sf stories always have tiny gutters and I hate them. I understand that most of the turbo story is action based so smaller gutters imply less time passage but still.

And lastly with sf3, its looking pretty solid. With the coloring style mimicking what was done for sf2 its strange they didn’t put this team on turbo to finish the story in a more consistent manner. In the same respect I almost feel Chamba’s style would have fit better with the sf3 universe anyway. And I’m totally feeling that power bomb.

Do not judge Chamba’s art too soon. The Remix is his very first work, and he is just warming up!! Turbo 1 is cool, 2 gets better, and his Turbo 3 pages and killing! Chamba is a young, energetic artist that has so much potential, and he is exploding now. You will see what I mean when you keep reading the book.

Picked it up today (always a small delay down here)
Solid issue overall, I just need some time to get used to Chamba’s style I guess.

I enjoyed it. Very nice art.

Artwise the book was great, although I’m still bummed out on the writing. The characters all seem to have the same voice, and personalities are similar.

Can’t wait to see what wacky adventures the Chunster gets into this time! :looney:

Really, I am actually digging the art of all the comics. I haven’t read anything yet, but the premise seems like it has potential. I’m actually waiting for Udon to release Robot 6, but this will hold me over for a while.

Finally picked it up yesterday.
Art overall was great. I need to pick up that anniversary book; saw the cover for it inside the book…I must have it!!:looney:

I saw a preview online with Ryu about to fight Alex and some other guy at the same time, with no dialogue bubbles…it looked so tight, and I wish I’d saved it.


none of the stores by me have any copies…kinda missed the release date…