Street Fighter Remix #0 Preview

Hey guys, check out the final cover and some interior art for Street Fighter Remix #0, a special prelude issue launching all 3 new Street Fighter series! What does everybody think so far? :slight_smile:

Not digging the cover, looks photoshop quality to me. Interior is lovely, is this a new series or just a mini? I’d jump aboard from here if it was a series for sure.

This is a #0 issue, and is the launching point for 3 new series.

-Street Fighter II Turbo ongoing series
-Street Fighter Legends 4-issue series
-Street Fighter III - 6 issue series (or more, we’ll see how it does)

SF Remix #0 contains 3 short stories that each lead into one of the series, plus some extra bonus content :wink:

Thanks for the heads up Matt and welcome to SRK! :smile:

Loving the artwork so far. :tup:

Chamba is *too *good.

This looks really great! I just hope Udon does something special with the 20th Anniversary…say…a Street Fighter Ultimate reprint…cause that thing is inflated as wack.

Awesome nonetheless!

EDIT: NVM UDON seems to have delayed it to Fall 08 for all 3 series.

Crap, leave it to Udon to delay something lol. Oh well, I will definitely get this and the SFIII series, since I actually want to know what the hell went on in that game.

Looks awesome. SF III looks almost Alvin Leeish Great job Jo, Chamba and Omar!

Oh and I’m a huge fan Lil’ Formers Matt. Galvatron being asked for ID was priceless :slight_smile:

all i care about is SFIII and my dear Ibuki.

It’s not as if you were deprived of knowing prior to this.

Well this comic will probably go way more in depth than what the video game offered.

Is that Chun li with the hoodie??:woot::woot:
she looks cool

Next month? Finally. Been waiting since issue 6 of the last installment dropped.

What he said.

We know what the characters are there for and the overall plot, but other than that we don’t know much. I want to know how Jeff was humiliated, and what drives Alex to take down Gill and his organization. I want to know how Necro escaped and how 12 was created, etc.

I like little details and knowing the full story, so this is something I’d enjoy.

Who’s Jeff?

I think it’s the guy who trained Alex, Gill defeated him and Alex gets pissed and wants to kick Gill’s ass. It’s a J name I believe, or I could be suffering from a fit of “Bogard syndrome”.

LMAO @ Bogard syndrome. His name is Tom though.

Hmmm the man who Alex is staying with is either Tom or Jeff.

More like an epidemic of it.