Street Fighter Remixes/Music

So there are Alot of Guys Coming up with Street fighter 3 remixes and what-not And I heard one this morning that I had to post up on SRK, So I just made up a Whole Thread for it.

T Double Turbo - You guys must’ve heard this guy before… He made The “Yupyupyup” and “Gigaton Punch” song.

Gigaton Punch
Vega Cut
Balrog Bonus
Balrog on Zangief
Balrog on E.Honda

DJ Kariu - He makes some Sick SF3 Remixes, He’s influenced alot of Other artists around youtube And He’s been trying to get into OC remix but Hasn’t been able to get in for 3 whole years, So He just keeps his music on youtube and Myspace.

World Warrior-DJ Kariu on vocals and production. Co-produced with NativeDialect-
Seduktriss - Morrigan Remix
Guile Strange sunset Remix- This is the first strange sunset remix done by ANYONE
Chun-Li - Alpha Remix
Lupe Fiasco Kick Push vs Dudley 2i remix ( HOT FUCKING SHIT )

MaxieDaMan - Sick And Creative Ideas, He even Remixed Dudley Stage with The UK Stage Of CVS2, Which is One of The sickest things ever.

Beyonce vs Jazzy NYC (He was able to Put in The Word “Nigga” And made it sound like her…)
Dudley + UkCVS2 - Stage Remix
Q Remix
Beats in My head Remix
Necro + Twelve remix
Makoto’s Spunky remix

SkullKidMusic - Has only made five pieces… But they’re just golden… Seriously…

Beats in My head Remix
Jazzy nyc remix
M.Bison Stage Remix

Jelehu - Havn’t heard much of this guy… But he’s good friends with the other artists…

Judgement day Remix - (Gill)
Funky Dudley remix.
Akuma Mix

MixerProductions - He remixes real songs with Video Game songs, From sonic to streets of rage…
And he Posts up Takeshi’s Castle Episodes.
He also Submits Original Sound tracks from Loads of games In His old Account named “Renegade466”

Streetfighter 3 Remix
Superman on the Bridge - Eminem vs Streets of rage
Millenium trippin’ - Will smith vs streets of rage (Listen to the piano at 00:53)
Lupe Fiasco vs Streets of rage

Iv’e used the search button to look for some of these but All I get is a blank screen…
When I first listened to these… I camed.

Ps.DJ Kariu also have a Whole streetfighter mix tape coming out with MaxieDaMan and Jelehu For the 20th anniversary of Street fighter.

Crazy Music guys… I hope you like 'em Because I sure do…

They are all really good.
Here is an Elena remix from Garoad.

man those are some really good videos!

Maxie’s latest remix: [media=youtube]SigVd6D8E-A[/media]

Surround editions?

A good way to get your remixes noticed is to use the MP3 Surround format. This format allows for 5.1 channels of audio, and is completely backwards and forwards compatible with anything that can play normal MP3s (plus the files are almost exactly the same size). The surround capabilities are supported by Winamp, DivX and the PS3.

Now that so many people have got their consoles hooked up to proper amps, there’s never been a better time to try this sort of stuff. SF4 has all its music and sound effects in 5.1, and of course the game allows you to use your own MP3s as background music, so how about somebody remixing (or even just plain remaking) tracks from SF2 and SFA in this way?

Does anyone remember the Street Fighter II Image Album? I’ve been looking for Track 3 of that disc for a while now.

I’m also looking for the Instrumental Arrange album too.

facepalm Why the hell do I let myself type before hitting search?

Thanks a mil, Buda!