Street Fighter: Reunion


Hi, all. New here to SRK but i’ve been playing SF sense the beginning. (Feeling old lol)

I’d just like to say i think it would be great if Capcom made a Street Fighter: Reunion game.

With ALL 76 fighters available. I love to play as the following again -

Skullomania (for the lolz)
Dudley (Even though i suck with him.)

One can only dream…


No, I really do not think that would be great at all.

One can only dream…

… that they place limits on new threads


Is this how you great every new forum member? Care to elaborate on why you don’t think it would be a good idea?


Dude, here’s some free advice before the justly feared “NEG HAMMER” comes swinging down on you like the flaccid phallus of God Himself:



Because the topic’s been done already. Hundreds of times. And it won’t happen anytime soon, seeing as to how some of the characters you posted, like Skullomania, are owned by Arika, not Capcom.

For a minute there, I thought this thread had something to do with that Street Fighter: The Later Years sequel.


Done that for 4 months.

You should -

Stay on topic
Stop trolling my thread
or GTFO.

I’v done nothing wrong. Why ban me? Maybe it is you who needs a time out?


Yo just get to know the community and what kind of things they can’t stand/tolerate

It’s a cool community, but lay low if you know what’s good for ya ._.


Never. My first post and i’m being told what to do by two jackasses whose vaginas are bleeding over the fact a new member has posted.

I don’t care what they can’t stand or tolerate, because until they pay for my online connection i’ll post whenever i fucking feel like it.


NEG hammer. Big difference.

If you had indeed taken a look around, you’d have noticed that topics like this have been done to death, and aren’t appreciated by the regulars. It clogs up the works. There is a search function. Use it.

This isn’t GameFAQs. I tried to do you a solid in my post, but you don’t seem to have the awareness to appreciate it.


Someone order this kid a waaaaaaaamburger and some french cries. You think cuz your a “regular” that i give two shits? It’s an internet forum, i don’t.

You tried to do me a solid huh? By being a jackass? Sit on it and spin buddy. Nice back seat modderating btw.


Here’s the deal: “Wish”-threads are GameFAQs material. I’m sure there’s some already existing thread to state your fantasies about a game that never will be, most here do not care. It’s not like it’s a revolutionary idea either.
We don’t want every member to start new threads about how they want SF vs MK or MVC3 stuff like that, now do we. That would be a lot of competely useless threads, burying the real ones.


I’ve been here off and on (mostly off in recent years) since 2000 and have seen quite a few “wish” threads that were well received, participated in by everyone, and went on for quite a while. Besides which, if you’re not interested in the topic of a certain thread, you can just as well not fucking read it.


This thread made me lol, but it also made me facepalm.

It also made me remember Doctrine Dark…


You should give a shit because these are the kinds of threads that get locked. Useless ones.

If you’re dying to make such crappy threads like this, you should at least make them interesting, and truly worthy of discussion by having content that’s intellectually engaging. Here’s a good example.


Here’s the low-down, Crimson Engage. You came into a forum heavily populated with elitists, pro players, newbs looking to become pros, and otherwise solid (and sometimes sour) fighting game fans. You posted a topic that’s been suggested thousands of times and has been MUGEN’d even more. And when the first non-OP poster pointed out that this thread was full of fail and shit, you immediately got butthurt and accusatory. Internet tough guy much?

I question your claim of “lurking” here for 4 months before joining, because if you truly had you’d realize that a shit thread such as the one you’ve squeezed out steamy fresh for us would immediately and mercilessly be demolished. Hell, it took me being on this forum all of 2 hours to realize candy-coated shit-cicles are quickly pointed out as just that, then are promptly stuffed back into the mouth of whoever offered the delicious treat up.




LOL @ balancing a 76 (even though there’s 81 SF chars total?) character game.


I think I make a thread like this. Once. Back in 2000 or something. You’d get more feedback on GFaqs.


LOL I nominate this for funniest post of the year.


anyone else hate this guy?