Street Fighter Riddum

If anyone would be so kind to embed…


Been on radio a while now in UK. This is for all you overseas guys who may not have heard this. Puts the Evo raps to shame imo. D double E all day!

I can’t understand a word he’s saying.

I’m usually not the one to hate, but this shit is wack.

what a joke

people on youtube are praising this guy…

thanks for making me regret pausing what i was listening to for that.

occasionally I her a character name or sampled sound from SF2…

I didn’t hate this song as much as the rest of the thread seems to have, but it was already posted last month in the general forum.

… this really is an awful thread and you should be ashamed.

Sosage save us!

The dude rapping at evo was better

It’s not that great and like others I couldn’t understand too much although I like the beat.

Jabajabajba street fighter 4 da Gears of War jabababa akuma street fighter 4 jabajbajbajbaj Jiiz of wor


needs lyrics to follow what he’s saying.