Street Fighter Roleplaying

I’m starting a Street Fighter Rp over on a Roleplaying web site called Iwaku.

It’s a original story , about a boy named Kyo who travels the world trying to find his destiny. Along the way he meets other Street Fighters and grows stronger.

Anyone on this website interested ?

The last time I started this the story became very interesting. We created alot of original characters and had alot of fun. :slight_smile:

I can’t find where this supposed Street Fighter RP area is. Lil’ directory assistance?

The site moved.

Either you’re saying A. The board itself moved, which doesn’t seem likely as you gave me the same link as above.

Or B. The RP moved, in which case makes me wonder why this message is still stickied if the RP no longer exists.


Sorry , It’s my fault.

The Rp is just starting out. I’ll give you the direct the links.

That’s where the SF Rp is. You can find it in the Parody section. It’s still starting out so please have patience . We’re still looking for members , and it’s only been one day since our old site crashed.

The link’s broken!

Wow blood dancer ! Welcome buddy ! Glad to have you on board the Iwaku express. :slight_smile:

More fighting Rp’s on Iwaku !

We have two new fighting Rp’s !

Exploding Reality :

The original Idea was for this to Be an EX series RP. However, This clearly needs more style to it. So I’ll make this and SVC based RPG

A tournament is held between the worlds of the living and the dead. In this tournament, There is no distinction between the living and the dead. Because the human race has already been wiped out by M. Bison’s Psycho Drive. In otherwords, Everybody has just died… But they now have a chance to make things right in the nether realm. The objective is simple, To battle for the fate of the earth, heaven, and hell. Or to gain god like power.

So Far…
Iori has died twice. Once to Genjuro Kibigami(?), And to himself(Actually a clone of Orochi Iori made by M. Bison).

Link :


King of fighters/Art of fighting

Ah, well i’m brushing up on my KOF stuff then i’ll put it up and see how many people bite.
So, yeah, it’ll probably have rules similer to the Street Fighter rpg, in that it’ll likely use Original characters more then cannon(though I guess ppl could have a cannon if they want but since its easier for character development with an original i’d prefer that)

as well, I’m personally partial to character based Rp’s and not simple ‘beat the villain of the week’ type stories, but with luck it should have a good balance of action and introspection.

Second Southtown, in an attempt to bring new tourism to the city, has announced it will again be hosting the King of Fighters tournament. Some rules have been altered, others completely forgotten. Old faces and new will be returning to the tournament.
The prize: More money then most people could spend in a life time.
The host: Unkown.
As often is with these kinds of tournaments, there is more to it then meets the eye. The Southtown underworld has been unusually active of late. And with tourists, and fighters flocking from the world over to compete…its hard to tell whose motivation is what…