Street Fighter Round 3 reviews start today!

Holy damn, I finally got in my samples from SOTA for their Round 3 of Street Fighter. I got original Player 1 samples of each with exception to Sakura, these are some damn nice figures.

Today, Wednesday and Friday, then Monday and Wednesday of next week will feature a single review of each figure. Today starts with my #1 most anticipated figure of them all, Guile.


The review for Balrog is up today! Fucking sweet figure and he’s really heavy too.

Friday = Sakura
next Monday = Adon
next Wednesday = Gen

Read it bitches!!!

Actually, Guile’s married to Ken’s sister-in-law. Ken doesn’t have a sister afaik.

Also, you miswrote “Guile” as “Ken” and “Adon” there.

As for my quick reviews:

Decent figure, none of my favourites. 7/10

Always liked him, and he can do some neat poses with his extra hands. Shame that he can’t put his sleeves together (sans hands) in his classical win pose. I’ve also tried to put him in his one-legged pose but it’s pretty much impossible without a stand. Still a great one. 9/10

I’m actually not a big fan of him, but this is an amazing figure. I like his somber look, like in the first panels of the comic. I have him posed with the dog tags in hand right now, he looks great. 9/10

Her neck (a tiny tiny hard plastic peg) broke as I tried to switch her head. I’ll probably glue one on permanently but she’s still pretty sucky. Face looks horrible. Chun-Li and Cammy are way better. If I hadn’t gotten them all in one at Ebay, I would have skipped her (like I skipped Blanka). Haven’t done much with her yet for that reason so no score. X/10

He always struck me as quite uninteresting both in gameplay, story and design. Guess it’s nice to complete the original four though, but he’ll probably stand around the back somewhere. 5/10

Hmmm, not sure what continuity you’re referring too. I’ve never heard about Guile being married to his sister-in-law before. And what part of the miswriting are you talking about? Can you point it out?

udon comics

Great reviews as always.

When you’re talking about the listed skills, you have “Adon’s moves such as Sonic Boom” or something, and when you compare Guile to Ryu and Ken as a “main character”, you write his name as Ken in the next sentence.

As for the Julia/Eliza thing, it’s stated pretty much everywhere in canon and in the comics. Julia and Eliza are sisters, so Guile and Ken would be brothers-in-law. Well, I guess they’d still be if Julia was actually Ken’s sis, but she’s not.

Haha! Balrog gonna get paid fo sho.:clap:

Megaton Brooooowwww.