Street Fighter Round 6 Voting Starts NOW!

Dhalsim!! The stretching, fire breathing, relatively peaceful man of India finally gets his due. This is the one I’ve been waiting for!

Category 1

E.Honda- E. Honda trained his entire life to become the greatest sumo wrestler of all time. Honda became upset that the rest of the world does not take sumo seriously, and vowed to prove that sumo wrestlers are the greatest fighters in the world.

Hugo- Hugo was a former member of the Mad Gear gang. When it was destroyed by Cody, Guy and Hagger he hears about a Street Fighting tournament. He joins it, along with his manager and former Mad Gear member Poison, to prove to the world he is a worthy fighter.

Alex- Alex entered the third World Warrior tournament because its sponsor, Gill, had seriously injured his best friend and father figure Tom, even though Tom had told him Gill had won fairly. Alex won every match and then faced Gill. Although he defeated Gill, Alex did not have a chance to kill him, and he went home, to find Tom fully recovered. Thoughts of revenge no longer clouding his mind, Alex encountered Ryu, who defeats Alex in battle but encourages him to become a better fighter.

Yun/Yang- Twin brothers entered the third World Warrior tournament to show their skills. They later found and fought Gill, who appreciated their effort and granted them leadership of their town. They passionately turned down his offer, since they only fought him to stop his maniacal plans.

Category 2

Cody- In the original Final Fight, Cody teams up with Guy and The Mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar to save Jessica (Cody’s girlfriend and Haggar’s daughter) from the leader of the Mad Gear gang. Later, Cody is set up for the crimes of Mad Gear member Poison and the many street fights he was taking part in. In Street Figher Alpha 3, Cody broke out of prison after a riot ensued and eventually crosses paths with Guy again. Cody insists he is no hero and lives for fighting and goes on his own way.

Charlie- A member of a secret elite military team, Charlie co-piloted a special mission into Thailand along with his long-time friend Guile. The mission backfired, and Charlie and Guile were captured. After escaping the jungle prison, Charlie now seeks the force behind the unrest in Thailand.

Dan- Dan’s father, Go Hibiki, was a rival of Sagat. Go put out Sagat’s eye and Sagat killed him in retaliation. Because of this, Dan sought revenge on Sagat, training to become a fighter, but was expelled from Gouken’s dojo when his motivations were learned. Dan thus developed his own style called Saikyou-ryuu, or, ironically, “The Strongest Style”, despite the weakness of his techniques. Dan believed he had achieved his revenge by defeating Sagat (who had actually thrown the fight), and turned his attention to promoting his school, even to the point of offering exercise videos and correspondence courses.

Sean- The events of how Sean became Ken’s student are somewhat unclear, but what is known is that Sean’s main reason for entering the third World Warrior tournament was to prove to Ken that he had become a much greater student then he had been the previous year. Although skilled in his fighting style, Sean lacked the discipline and experience to make it too far as a fighter in the U.S. championship tournament, being knocked out in the preliminaries.

Category 3

R. Mika- Mika’s main goal is for her to be “Star of the Ring”. To try to accomplish this, Mika decided she would travel abroad and battle famous street fighters even before she made her official debut. During that time she met Zangief, a wrestler she is a huge fan of. Zangief inspired her as a pro wrestler to train hard for the next time they meet.

Elena- Elena is a princess in an African tribe that has a cultural tradition of fighting. Her fighting style is Capoeira. Elena hates fighting, but continues competing to please her father. She wants to travel around the world, meeting new friends along the way.

Maki- In Final Fight 2, a new version of the Mad Gear gang kidnapped the 37th Bushin Master and his daughter, (Maki’s father and sister respectively). With the help of professional wrestler and then mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar and Carlos (a sword-wielding boarder that stayed with Haggar), she traveled around the world and defeated the group’s leader, Retu. Maki takes on Guy in SF Alpha 3 with hope to become the 40th Bushin master.

Alpha Chun Li- Secretly pursuing the movements of Shadowloo, the international smuggling operation, Chun Li fights bravely, unmindful of personal danger. The trail of the criminal organization has lead her to the tournament and she now believes that one of the Grand Masters may have been responsible for the death of her father.

Category 4

Thin Bison- Ever since he emerged to lead the internal criminal organization Shadowloo, the world has been awed by the incredible power at his command. Seen as the master of evil, Bison rules over his empire with an iron fist. Preferring to let his underlings do most of the dirty work, Bison only unleashes his powerful psychic ability when absolutely necessary.

Urien/Gill- Urien is the inferior brother of Gill and tried to claim the leadership of his organization, the Illuminati. When he finally succeeded, he learned that there was an Emperor outranking him, his brother Gill. Now Urien still longs to overthrow Gill by creating his own army with the G Project. He kidnapped one of the children Chun-Li looks after so she could get back in shape. While his brother wields fire and ice, he can wield lightning and make his skin metal.

Geki- Geki, who was born in Japan, is a ninja that enters the first World Warrior tournament to test his skill. He is a master of Ninjitsu that uses shurikens, teleportation and a claw on his left hand to defeat his opponents.

Oro- Oro believes he is the world’s strongest fighter. He is mysterious, very old and fights with only one free arm for fear that his power will kill his opponents. Oro is searching out a warrior worthy to receive the secret of his power so it does not die with him.

Please vote for Yun/Yang.


<sigh> Hugo is up yet again. I do want to see a Hugo figure, but they keep lining him up against characters that he has no chance against in my book(guess who I’m voting in that category).

Thin Bison and Alpha Chun, yawn. At least I know there’ll BE a series 7 if none of those 3 gets voted in.

My votes go to:
1)Alex - no brainer to those who know me.
2)Cody - I’d like them to complete all the FF ppl in this toyline, plus I already have a Charlie from Resaurus.
3)Maki, but only b/c of the reason stated above. Otherwise Mika would get my vote(and she’ll probably win this category anyway).
4)Now THIS one will give me a caniption. Except for thin Bison I’d like to have all of these figures. I’ll probably vote Geki just because it’s probably the only time we’ll ever see a 3-d representation of him.

Thanks for the heads up sillie.

How I voted

Category 1 -Yun/Yang
Category 2 - Cody
Category 3 - Elena
Category 4 - Urien/Gill

My votes:

  1. Alex - anyone who knows me knew this was a no brainer

  2. Dan

  3. R. Mika

  4. Urien/Gill - another no question for me

My predictions:

  1. Honda - everyone wants to see a complete ST cast and he’ll close it.

  2. Cody - nobody cares about or even knows who Sean is, Charlie is kinda meh, and since Guy is confirmed already this would make sense.

  3. Not sure about this one, but my gut says Maki once people look at pictures if they don’t know who most of the females are in this category.

  4. Geki - again I feel people will see a ninja with a claw and think that will make the coolest figure, Oro was voted out last time and I feel the same will happen again, Bison although different already has a figure, and Urein/Gill won’t make it because I’ve been waiting years for a figure of him. :arazz:

C1: E.Honda (one of my favorites)
C2: Dan (Go Hibiki variant?)
C2: R.Mika (HOOOT)
C4: Oro (one of my favorites)


My votes -

Alex - Main character of SF3
Cody - The prison outfit will be a riot
Maki - Definitly the hardest choice, but I had to give it to Maki in the end.
Urien/Gill - SF3 villains in the house!

1 : Alex - This is a no brainer. Alex is the main character of SFIII and should have been out MUCH earlier.
2 : Charlie - This was the hardest category for me to choose from. I really like Cody, Charlie and Dan equally, but we already have a couple of shotos out and we really need more pure Alpha characters in there.
3 : Maki - Another no brainer. I don’t care for recasts, at least not before the whole line is complete, and Mika and Elena are meh. I’m also a little bit pissed off to see those two appear before Rose and Karin, who are much more vital to the series. Maki for the win!
4 : Geki - WHOAH! I didn’t know SOTA had the rights to use the “remaining five” SF1 characters? I’m definately voting for him. The other choices are bland anyway.

  1. Hugo - Has been biting dust for a few rounds, I want a figure of him dammit.
  2. Cody - Give Final Fight some love
  3. Maki - Same as above only better :wink:
  4. Urien/Gill - Since we already have Bison, enter the next boss & brother!

Rose wasn’t in the voting because the prospect of sculpting her scares SOTA’s sculpters, according to Jerry of SOTA toys.

Of course, assumedly if they want to reach their goal of every SF character, they’ll have to sculpt her someday, anyways…

I went with the following:

E. Honda
Alpha Chun-Li

Who’s Geki? Is he from the first SF?

Viper, it’s not that I don’t understand what’s behind the reasoning for thin Bison/alpha Chun, it’s just that to me as a collector it still boils down to rehash, and I’m much more interested in a wider range of characters before the line goes bust.

SMB, Geki’s from SF1, and also supposedly part of the same ninja clan Ibuki hails from(although not a blood relation). He’s probably the most popular SF1 person that hasn’t made a comeback. A pic:

How anyone could pick Mika Maki or Alpha Chun-Li over Elena is beyond me…

  1. Hugo (already have a Resaurus Alex)
  2. Cody (knife cuffs and chain accesory!)
  3. Elena (Duh! Super Poseable!)
  4. Gill/Urien - (They’ve already done Bison and Akuma, give the 3rd Strike bosses some due)

The way that GIF is looped, it makes it look like he’s stuffing his face with great quantities of some invisible food… rather fitting for “Fat” Bison. :rofl:

He sure does. :rofl:

My picks are:


thin bison


In general though I think some of the choices are weak, I’d like to see Rose as the female option. Oh well.



Simple. We already have a Chun-Li, and Elena has to be one of the least interesting Street Fighter females. All in my humble opinion, of course.

Maki kicks ass. That’s simple.

and if both Maki and Geki make it, Round Six will be known as the Ninja Set! :slight_smile: