Street Fighter: Round One - FIGHT! animated comic DVD clip


I found this in capcom-unity, and it seems to be pretty good. i wonder what anyone thought of this.:wgrin:

Last I read of this, you have the option of turning the spoken dialog off and just reading the speech balloons.

You may as well stick with the comics in that case though surely?

Mind you that’s kind of good for me since I sold them all, I’d rather see the whole lot in a properly animated sort of way though, but that’s just me.

These things aren’t really out there to replace comics, it’s just another spin on it. Kind of like how Dave Gibbons, the Watchmen artist explained him working on the Watchmen animated DVD comic. DVD? Hmmm, I think it’s only available on Itunes, PSN store and places like that… ‘Moving comic’ I guess you call these things.

I liked the Metal Gear Solid Digital Saga that they released for the PSP, it was fun. Didn’t replace reading the MGS comic or playing through the first game, but it was an enjoyable experience on its own.

I thought I read these were coming to DVD somewhere?

I really liked the MGS Digital Graphics Novel, the whole thing seemed pretty fluent throughout with moving images and animation. It never really stood still which I think is ideal when putting the comics together for projects like this.

Oh this is coming straight to DVD. It’s the Watchmen one that’s only available in other places, so far. Sorry, stuck at work 2 days before X-Mas rambling on my part…

Tis the season Sano.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read the comics.

Might pick this up.

That’s cool but the voice work sucks horrifically.

This came out today.
Any body see it?

anybody got this yet ?

is it worth it ?

im thinking this dvd wont sell shit since its not even well advertised.

It did come out today? I’ll either get it this week or next.

let us know how it is.

Midtown comics in NY didn’t have it and it’s not on their list for next week either. Maybe it’s late? Held off for SF4 week? Maybe only people who pre-ordered it have it now? I dunno…

Once I found out it was delayed at Amazon, so I cancelled that order, then I ordered directly from Eagle One Media. They charged my Paypal immediately, sent a receipt/confirmation, but no shipping information.

The site says it was just released so I guess we wait & see…

Thanks for the info. Yeah I doubt I will buy it until I see it in a comic book store. I know that video stores by me such as Best Buy do not carry things like this…

Mine just showed up in the mail today.
I’ll post a mini-review tonight.

Initial impressions:

-Options to watch with word balloons on or off.

-Voice acting & Voice casting is generally terrible. The few that actually sound like they correspond to the character sounds like they trained with the Thundercats school of no emotion. Chun-Li sounds good, but the actress is just reading lines…

-Fight sound effects are hilarious! Super exagerrated. Not cut from the game, this is some other level sh*t. I think I heard bones crack when Ryu burned a SRK into Sagat’s chest.

-If you’ve read the comics & remember them. Then seeing them partially animated on a big screen is fun. But you will be missing nothing.

This DVD is scrictly novelty. For the hard-core fan/collector of all thing SF.
And if you watch with your crew you should get some good laughs in how horrible VA’s are. So bad its good.

I still have not seen this available in ANY comic book shop in NY.

However you can download it from the Capcom Store for $15.99.

Yeah I think I’ll stick to the comic and pass on this one after GMANIFESS’ review. Thanks for that BTW. Bone cracking noise when Ryu scars Sagat, lord… :rofl:

i just got mine in the mail! and boy what a ripoff!!!

the dvd has almost no animation, its 99% of the time just zooming in and out of the panels.

Music is horrible

voicework is so funny, worst va ever! and the best part is the way they pronnounce the move lol just to say a few: “sonic bum” “tenshu KA YA KO” 'Tatsoooo makeee senpooooo KA YA kooooo" and the worst " SHO ROOOOOO KAN"

this dvd is a joke, eagle media clearly did not do any research in making this dvd. I will be writing a review for this dvd on the second issue of the street fighter magazine.