Street Fighter RPG

Hope this won’t get me banned for discussing this here, hope it’s the right forum. I have checked the posting guidelines, and thus far it doesn’t appear to be an infraction. I’m interested in creating a Street Fighter based forum RPG, the reason I’m posting here about it is because I’d like to know if other people would be interested. I need people to help run the game. I can set up most everything myself. I know this post is fairly vague, but for the time being I’m just trying to gauge interest. I have a lot of time and effort to put towards this, and I am very serious about wanting to run this thing.

Yes I will join.

I’m Ryu, my power is fireballs and uppercut.

Hell nah

What are your rules on Cyborg characters such as Cyborg Akuma/Gouki from MVSF? I had an idea for a Cyborg version of Oro where he has Doc Oc style extra arms, so instead of only fighting with 1 arm, he now fights with 6 arms. He also has learned how to do Raging Demon :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

You’re like the laziest troll on SRK.

I’m still working out a lot of the details, but for the time being I’m not allowing players to register as canon characters. They are available, but only to experienced and proven players. Custom characters are allowed, pending staff approval of everything of course. As to things like cyborgs and so on, it all depends on the character. Once the game is set-up and ready to go, can’t promise it’ll be accepted or rejected.

Even at after Oro training Ryu still would not be a? match for Goku.Ryu would’nt last a second against Base Goku let alone a SSJ.

Last post brings up a good point. What do you guys think of including lore from DBZ or other universes? Gouki is just asking to be able to achieve a SSJ powerup. Imagine Piccolo facing off against Blanka! How dope would that be?

I need to know what edition rules this will be because whether throwing a fireball comes from myself or is summoned from another dimension is very important to me.

I’m developing my own system for the game, for the time being when the game starts I’m keeping it in the Street Fighter universe, expansions may occur later but I’m keeping it simple to start. As to energy based abilities, things like hadokens and tiger waves and so on, they use ki energy derived from the characters. To expand upon things a little further also, I’m not allowing canon characters to be registered to start with. Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, and so on. They are available, but I want players to prove they’re serious about playing, know how to play, and plan to stay, if they do they can pick one canon character. I know it may seem harsh, but I’m also trying to avoid having someone play a canon character, post three times, then disappear.

Now a little about the system I’m working on. There are no levels or classes, or things of that nature, it based on experience spending. HP, Ki, attack skill, damage increases, signature moves, hyper moves, everything in the game is improved by spending experience. This allows players to develop they style of character that they want. I’ve also considered placing the game setting about 50 years into the future in order to remove the original Street Fighter from play. The reason behind this is for a few reasons. One, they’re THE Street Fighters, they’re uber powerful, therefore it could unbalance the game and give certain people unfair advantages. On the other hand if they started from scratch, how would you explain canon character being so pitifully weak. It’s still in debate.

Starting Stats

HP: 20
Ki: 20
Attack: 40%
Evasion: 25%
Grapple: 30%
Throw: 30%
Free Exp: 0
Spent Exp: 0
Total Exp: 0
Signature Moves: 2
Hyper Moves: 0

Damage Data

Starting Physical: 1d4
Starting Signature Move: 1d5
Starting Hyper Move: 2d6
Starting Grapple: 1d5
Starting Throw: 1d5

Improvement Purchase Costs

HP: 10 xp = 1 pt.
Ki: 10 xp = 1 pt.
Attack: 25 xp = 1%
Evasion: 25 xp = 1%
Grapple: 25 xp = 1%
Throw: 25 xp = 1%
Add 1d die damage: 25 xp (additional die increase cost according to a defined chart)
Add d1 die damage: 25 xp (additional die increase cost according to a defined chart)
Add +1 die damage: 25 xp (additional die increase cost according to a defined chart)
Purchase Signature Move: 250 xp
Purchase Hyper Move: 500 xp (must have earned at least 1,000 exp first)
Physical Damage Cap: 4d8+4
Signature Move Damage Cap: 6d10+6
Hyper Move Damage Cap: 12d12+12
Addaitional Attack: 400 exp
Additional Evasion: 400 exp


Additional Attacks: When a player increases their base attack to 60% they may purchase a second attack. The second attack starts at 25% and base damage, when this attack is increased to 60% the may buy a third. Four attacks is the limit.

Additional Evasions: Fall under the same standards as additional attacks. If an attacker has more attacks then evasion by the defender, they do not automatically hit. A player may attempt to dodge any attacks in excess of the evasions they have at a base rate of 20%. New evasions start at a rate of 25%

Counter Attacks: Players may attempt to parry an attack in place of an evasion at -20% to evasion, if successful they take half damage and may attempt to attack the opponent one time. Hyper Moves may not be countered. Ki cost will be added to prevent excessive use.

Reversal: Players may attempt a reversal in place of an evasion at -40% to evasion, if successful they take no damage and may attempt to attack the opponent one time. Hyper Moves may not be reversed. Ki cost will be added to prevent excessive use.

Grapples: I was considering using grapple vs grapple skill % to determine if the defender is able to break away. Also I’ve considered limiting grapples to one attack, chain grapples are under consideration as signature moves. Add ki use to avoid excessive use of grapples, maybe not… tinkering.

Throws: Use throw vs throw skills to break free, possibly use evasion to avoid. Add ki use to avoid excessive use of grapples, maybe not… tinkering.

Chain Throws: Still working on this.

Chain Grapples: Still working on this.

Hyper Move Execution Requirements: Still working on this.

Ki Cost of Signature Movies: Still working on this.

Weapons: Some characters in the Street Fighter games have used weapons, such as Eagle from SF1 using a pair of stick (tonfa?). I will likely allow weapons to be added, but their effect will be minimal at best. Unless I find a better/more useful way to impliment them. The game is about fighting, not who has the biggest weapon.

Odd Signature Moves: Moves that do things other than damage such as drain HP/Ki, damage Ki, or other rather odd effects may be allowed, but I would still like to develop a system for these moves to set reasonable limits.

One of the reasons I’ve considered adding ki costs to things like grapples and throws is to avoid excessive use, although I may work chain grapples/throws under the same banner as attacks and evasion, where you have to purchase multiples.

This isn’t the set in stone version of the system I want to develop, it’s a rough outline I wrote in about an hour. This is to give people an idea of the type of system I want to design and how it works. It is still subject to both minor and radical changes. Also while the game will obviously offer a wealth of fighting due to the setting, as this will be set up on a forum, it will also promote role playing, posting, writing, and character development. I’m still working on a way to award players xp for good writing, plotting, stories, and so on. I want to offer players things to do between big fights, incentives to write about their characters, develop them as people, and so on. I don’t want this to be a plain ‘Ug, me bash’ game. I’m aiming for a simple system that offers flexibility and allows creativity without being overly complex. As you can see, there’s still a good bit that needs work, but this is to show I’m serious, good with systems, and have a baseline idea of what I want. I know someone might say well it’s similar to system X, why not just use that. Simple, it’s not my system, I want my own system and I’m a picky do-it-myselfer.

Lazy? D:


Awesome, I hate it when I play Street Fighter and I get thrown all the time, ITS SO CHEAP

Damn dude you are actually serious about this. But Street fighter does not translate well to RPG. Its way too fast paced. Rolling dice to see if I land a combo is not going to be the same as actually do it in a real game.

I can imagine such a thing would be insanely popular at a website known as gamefaqs, a quality website that posts incredibly helpful walkthroughs.

as the dbz nerd that i was as a kid, i have to say that probably there isnt a single char of another universe that can fight back to goku and co, goku at the begining of dbz had 456 u.p. where 1 u.p. is equal to a normal human being, at the buu saga he was around 650,000,000 u.p. at ssj3, and at the end of Z he was beyond of that on normal form

i really, really doubt that there is another universe where the chars have that amount of over exagerated level of power, shit was ridiculous


Exactly how are advanced mechanics such as wavedashing and kara-throwing handled within your system? As an avid Q enthusiast, I need know that I am able to extend the reach of my throws by some sort of saving throw — preferably four sides or less, if you’d allow for it.

wow dude you are actually serious.

Unfortunally you are on srk so…

You should have KOF characters you know like Athena or maybe Godess Athena and since she is a Godess she should be able to do an attack that does like 1,000,000,000 HP damage. Maybe some throw some Final Fantasy characters in the mix.

What about the gods of Marvel?

As for this RPG I would look into it, but at this time of the year I am usually to busy with other things, so I would likely to be a player that just disappears.

I’m on SRK trying to find interested players and staff members. The game itself will be hosted on a private forum. To start with I’m keeping things limited to Street Fighter characters and custom characters. Later on I don’t see a problem with allowing other Capcom characters, though everything will be reviewed thoroughly and carefully before being allowed into the game. As for things like DBZ, the system for them is radically different so I don’t know. Also the system I posted is still in the works with throws being part of what’s being worked on. That’s one of the main things, I need staff members to help me develop the game cause I’m NOT doing this all by myself, and I also need to finish working out the mechanics system.

I’ve given consideration to dealing with canon SF characters one of two ways. Either setting the game about 75 years in the future so they’re too old to keep fighting, or dead. Thus bringing in the next generation. On the down side that could lead to EVERYONE being related to someone. The other idea was setting events in an alternate timeline. Things go according to canon up to the end of SF1 where Ryu scars Sagat, but after that it skews off in a parallel universe so players and events aren’t bound by canon. This would also allow the canon character to be young enough that other players could reasonably compete with them, without them being at their SF4 fighting god power levels.