Street Fighter S3, top 3 lists for SA's, coolest taunts, etc

Word up. Just to explaina post like this, i’ll give myself a brief intro. I’ve been playing since Third Strike came out, but absolutely love it. While I’ve spent some time on Soul Cal. 3, MVC, and Cap. Vs. SNK 2, I have to say that Third strike is all that really matters to me. I’m one of those eternal noobs, who knows the game thoroughly enough to compete and make intelligent decisions with my decade or so of experience, but lacks the execution and ability to trully master the game. Bassically, I’m pretty good, but am lacking in some of the departments that a veteran should have. Regardless, I’ve played this game more than anyone I’v eever played, by a lot, and don’t plan to stop. It’s perfect you know? Like chess, but with reflexes and more imagination. I suck at chess too, just to give you an idea of me as a gamer.

Anyways, I was thinking the other night that Chun-li’s second super art is the bomb, obviously, but the Kikou-shou isn’t bad, and her third is def. her third least useful, but has some quality.

So I tried to make up a mental list of the top 3 best Super Arts. Of course, the factors include damage, speed, recovery, predictability, versatility, and(making up this work) combo-or-chain-ability. You get my point.

Then i wonderred what was the best dash, the best throw, the coolest taunt, etc…

So Here is my list, in five catagories, and I’d like to hear everyone elses thoughts. Reasons fully welcome. i’d like for some people to come in and explain why Sean might hav e agood SA, or why Hugo’s jump rocks for some reason, that sort of stuff.

Also, since this is my first thread here, be cool. I mean, good discussion rocks, but to call someone a noob ona thread started by an admitted noob, is pretty lame.

So, here they are… Rated from absolut ebest to third best…

Best SA,
1-The Aegis, Urien-For indescribable versatility, reliability, and usefullness at any part of the round or screen.
2-The Denjin Haduken, Ryu- I hate ryu, through and through, I feel like he’s an excuse for a fresh player with alright execution skills to do a half a bar worth of damage witha simple combo, but with a lucky, or a skillful hit or two, combined with the denjin, means a huge mess for any character. Even a tripple taunted Q is going to feel that.
3-Super Art 1, Ibuki-Ibuki is my fav. character, and I’m one of those guys that’s trained her enough to annoy and win. It most def. lacks punch, but it’s solid chip damage, parrying it isn’t a matter of skill so much as tapping forward a bunch and crossing your fingers, it stocks plenty of ex energy, and if used right can be recoverred from properly and safely.
Honorable mention-Second SA, Chun-Li-because I had to. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. I know, and hate it, being an ibuki fan.
Honorable mention 2-The Gigas, Hugo-Damage, and the fact that oponents are forced to play differently because it’s charged. Yeah.

Meanest wake up game,
1-Sho’s-because a noob dp can surprise and piss off anyone, even if effective once a match. I mean, you spend time playing it smart, but there’s that one time when it hits and knocks you down and…grrr…you know?
2-Hugo, 360 throw-Playa good game, be careful, keep your distance, and yet a good Hugo player will know weather or not and when to use it and you have to spend two or thre seconds wondering how much life you’ll have afterwards.
3-Ken, smart player-I know this is just me, but as he’s the definition of tier one, and can reck you if you aren’t careful, his wake up is a complex, and sillly time, to amke assumptions.

Meanest cornering game,
1-Dudley-An incredible range of standing combos, and plent of combos to back half of them. Plus that rose coming down throws stuff off. To block, parry, or to do neither, that is the question.
2-Yun-Obiously with the Jin. The only downside to a Wake up Jin barrage is that we’ve all seen it five hundred times…imagine going against it in this situation the first time we saw it.
3-Urien with his Aegis,-obviously, failed block means a crouching fierce and a dec. combo and likely another Aegis.
honorable mentions-
Hugo-flattenned ina corner by the grappler of the game…
Honorable mentions 2-
Necro, for the new schol stun style.
Honorable mentions 3-
Tier ones +Makoto, for obvious reasons

Coolest looking taunt,
1-Twelve-I mean, he turns invisible. Say what you want about it’s effectiveness, but he turns invisible.
2-Gouki-‘Ten’ shows up over his shoulder, which by the way means ‘Godlike’ in Japanese culture(according to my research). Badass.
3-Elena-Sorry to say this, but, “I can doa hand stand, I’m hot!” is all I get from that.
Honorable mention-
Cun-Li-because whichever one she does is saying, “Whatever, I’ll win.”

Best Juggler,
1-Oro-Yeah, figure it out if you haven’t.
Urien-Damage wise, and if you’ve got the partition and the buffer skills, then rock em.
2-Yun-Because of the Jin, obviously…Ichi, ni, Son, Shi, Ro…Yeah
Honorable mention-
3-Elena-Honestly, just because a good juggle from her totally rocks more than any of her SA’s.

One more from me…

Favorite character(much controversial…hopefully),
1-Ibuki-Fast and very versatile, it’s hard to deal with her quickness and ‘seemingly’ random attack forms. I love this girl, despite her D…
2-Urien-Dangerous, and can cover many different situations well. He’s the type of character that you can turn your back on and suffer seriously from.
3-Gouki-The fucking demon, you know. If he takes an agressive form, that compensates with effective defensive moments, then you’re looking at a twelve second victory.

That’s it for me. I wanted to include 'Most elusive, most obscure, most old school, and most new school, but realized that this thread is balls long. So let us know what you think, and why you think it. Maybe someone will change their mindests by your opinion.


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Has anyone discussed parrying yet? :looney:

This thread provides excellent insight. Word Up.

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If I can be so high to consider Ibuki’s SA1 over Chun’s SA2 and Genei-Jin…

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This almost as scary as people writing fan fiction and demanding features for their next favourite 2d fighting game.

Sean’s taunt can be pretty tricky, you can KO an opponent with that basketball. I think the best SA is probably the Seiei Enbu, NEARLY FIFTY HITS SUPER ARTS. And looks flashy. I think you should post this here

I am not the biggest fan of 3S, but this is just complete and utter failure. The noob attraction of this game is incredible.

When counting in nihongo it’s Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, Shichi, Hachi, Kyu, Ju

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how do I do that kick that spins? it looks cool.

how do i perform the rising punch?

i thought ‘Nana’ was 7… or is that something else?