Street Fighter Scene in Hawaii?


Hey guys, i’m moving to Hawaii and I want to get better at street fighter, but the online scene is kinda gimicky, I want to play in person. So is there a scene at Hawaii where I can get acquainted?


I’m moving to hawaii in december. Definitely going to be looking for in person games. I play on PSN nowadays PM me for more info.


Seems like the FGC in Hawaii has definitely slowed down (probs nearly dead) but i’m sure there are some hardcore SF lovers down here. I am one of the few but i’m still very crappy. When SSF4 was still the “IN” thing, arcades were packed with peeps. I recently went down to an arcade with my 2 sons to have some cabinet SF time and there was only 1 machine left. Kinda sad that all the arcades down here are vanishing due to all the console and pc gaming. Growing up in the 80’s, i loved/love arcades. My bro told me about a very nice bar/club that has a mature crowd and they have some AE set-up’s. Not sure if it’s cabinets or x360’s but it sounds pretty sweet. Too bad bars and clubs ain’t my scene.


A few people I know coming to Evo play there, I live in CA and I play with one of them often… our connection is surprisingly good. The best online you’re going to get is Hawaii > Washington > Oregon > California. Most of the hawaii ranbats are held at Nocturna Lounge(sp).


You may want to try HVGL

Latest post on their page is March 2014 though. The Owner of the site is a very nice person, have met him before when I was still in Hawaii a few years ago, check their contact page and shoot an email to them. They should be able to let you know when their next gathering or tournament event will be.