Street Fighter : Second Impact

For anyone who can’t find a decent Third Strike Arcade around, I wanted to start this thread for Second Impact. Not a bad game and I was hoping people could toss up some strategies. (the last 2i thread dissapeared…)

Akuma and Ibuki. Nuff said.

But what about sean’s mp, hk, hyper tornado :wink:
Or Hugo’s infinate…
you don’t find ibuki takes way too much dmg compared to other characters?

On the machine Essnemic and I play the damage is to the max so character like Sean, Hugo, Ryu, Ken, and Akuma pretty much rule completely.

Sean’s Hyper Tornado can punish almost ANYTHING. If you sweep and it is blocked you can pretty much kiss 60% of your life good-bye.
Ryu and Ken are crazy as Jab Shoryuken beats like anything out for priority and Crouching Short leads you to get supered either by Shippu or Shinkuu which also equals either 25-30% of your lfie gone or 40-45% from Shinkuu. Ken’s overhead is also rediculousy more safe than its 3S incarnation and Ryu has a crazy 60% stun 3 hit combo. Also for some reason Ken’s Shinryu-ken has some sort of like vaccuum property where if you’re in sweeping distance it sucks you eat and you eat chip damage or you’ve benn crouching shorted hadokened cancelled into shinryu-ken which sucks you back in and you eat about 50% of your life.

Ibuki has some insane cross up combos and such but if you play on the mahcine with the dameg upped to the max… pretty much anything means a good 30-90% of your life gone. She takes FAR too much damage for the piddly amount she deals out in comparison. I can use a nice 15-20 hit combo involving the Hashin-Sho and then pull of another 5 hit combo and get gigas breakered or shin-shoryuken’ed or even hyper tornadoed… and BAM i’m back to being on the losing side.

i will agree however hat akuma is good as his Dive kick, Fierce punch, Fierce shoryuken, super cancel, messatsu-gourasen combo gives an insane amount of stun like 50% or something not to mention the 60-70% dmaage life it does… also raging demon is crazy ass good too.

I’d say Yang and Yun are good too but not nearly as good as the Shoto’s, Hugo, or Ibuki.

I find Dudley to be under powered in this game as him having NO FOOTSIE game leaves him to be punished so harshly.

Hugo’s infinite is fun too… one mistake and Hugo wins the match. next round. One block gigas Breaker… good-bye 90% of your life.

I mainly play Ibuki myself with Kasumi-Suzaku… mainly because her EX abuse is crazy.

Elena is insane in this game as well… her throw is probably the fastest in the game along with her mix-up game being amoung the top. Brave Dance is quite the insane supper as well as it is another 50% life eater.

Question… Did Yun have Genei Jin in this?

Yes he does but I really prefer Sourai Rengeki in 2I because I’m like that :). His Genei-Jin is the exact same as in 3S with the exception on his Down to Forward Kick move being different. AFAIK there’s no difference between the two.

Surprised he was not up there too. Game seems pretty scrubby knowing some of the stuff being said in here… (And stuff I heard elsewhere.)

eh well the problem is I don’t find his rushdown game as effective in 2I because he just seems to be to easily parried or blocked and punished. His crouching strong and his crouching short allow for a some nice easily links in sourai-rengenki though so thats why i choose that super. And it’s not that the game is so scrubby (though it kind of is…) it’s just that at any arcade the damage is always maxed and so you get retarded crap like 50% plus damage supers happening… plus when people know how to punish any mistake you make… damn do you get punished…

yun and yang both had it

Is it this one or the 1st SF3 one where Sean’s c.jab can cancel out fireballs.

This game is much better with the damage turned down. And Hugo is supposed to be one of the worst characters in the game.

Yang already had Sei’ei in 2ndImpact, if i recall correctly. in New Generation, they were one and the same, punch buttons for Yun and kick buttons for Yang when selecting. had same moves, shared supers, etc.

in 2ndImpact they became separate and as such, had different supers. same as 3rdStrike.


I’m no 2i player…but I really like the idea of Shin Gouki being in the game

I don’t know jack about 2i… but Hugo infinite? What is it?

Yun is pretty up there with this rush down… his dive kick opens up for a world of pain including the youhou.

Hugo’s infinate is tough to time but can be done. It’s a corner juggle where you start by tossing opponent against the wall (half circle back a?) then time good devestating punches (qcf punch?) with medium punch. This sends them up repeatedly i think infinately, or for sure enough to dizzy opponent…repeat :wink:

2nd impact i find more ‘frantic’ than 3rd strike for some reason…it could be the higher damage on this machine, or the non-perfected parry system…or maybe even the fact every character is abusable in some way…but i find there’s more pressure in this game compared to 3rd strike for some reason

It’s definately more abusable as anyone who uses Akuma correctly is basically a God in this game.

This was the game where Gouki’s roundhouse was always the wheel kick when close, not the 2 hit axe kick in 3rd Strike. This means you can do stuff like jHK, HK, Demon, which is harder on 3rd strike.

yes, but that’s equal to the dmg of Sean’s jHP, MP, HK, Hyper Tornado (but here you get 2 hyper tornados), which makes you wonder what in this game isn’t supposed to be there and what is.

Sean’s combo does a little less damage, even worse if you land the jumping RH.