Street Fighter Series 4 & Darkstalkers Figures Pictures



Looks pretty good, I think Birdie looks the best out of the set, although he look a bit too skinny. The rest are good, except I think Remy’s face doesn’t look like him one bit. The DS figs don’t look too bad either, Morrigan’s boobies looks like its in scale.

I want Yun and Yang! :pray: :pray: :pray:

The Darkstalkers set looks great actually, and they’ve gotten better with the female face sculpts with that Morrigan. I’ll probably pick up the DS stuff since I just love that series.:encore:

And the SF Series 4 ain’t too shabby either, SOTA is getting better and better with each release. :tup:

EDIT: Anybody know when these hit the stores?

And I too agree that the Remy is kinda off, so right now all DS and everybody but Remy in the series 4 set for me! =)

I was waiting for this thread.

Remy looks crap to be honest. His chin! What on earth is with that big chin?

Fei Long looks great surprisingly. I was worried they’d screw him up.

I would like to see a McFarlane take on SF figures. Anyway, can’t wait till a Rolento one comes out.

Akuma looks damn good.

You want to see a dominatrix Chun Li leading a bondage Sakura around on a leash of intestines?

I fucking hate McFarlane.

McFarlane Metal Gear figures were damn well amazing, as were the SCII ones.

They’re not the most articulate, but they (those that I mentioned above) look great.

birdie and anakaris came out well

Series 4 is…October.

Any word on the Darkstalkers set?

And October? Man that’s the same time the ML Legendary Riders series comes out, which of course comes with the pimpest of all, that’s right folks, Taskmaster. :smokin:

Rather. He is the bad@ss everyone loves. Facial features are intact.