Street fighter signature attacks

im just going to list what i think the most signature/definative
attack of every playable character im familiar with.
Im only putting actual attacks(no taunts or power-ups)and im basing
it on the characters style of fighting aesthetically.
therefore some of these attacks may not be commonly used
if at all in high level play.I will use unique attacks of the shotos
so they wont all be dragon punch etc.

   also im only choosing attacks that the character debuted

with so some will have supers listed and others just a special move.
feel free to disagree,discuss or ignore:smile:

adon-jaguar kick/jaguar tooth------alex-boomerang raid

area-humming rush-------allen-justice fist------blanka-rolling

blair-both supers------boxer-dashpunch------birdie-bullrush super

claw-barcelona attack/claw strike------cammy-cannon spike/cannon drill

charlie-flash kick------c.jack-baseball bat------cody-tornado upper

chun-spin.bird/lightning------dhalsim-yoga flame/fire------dudley-mach.gun

darun-india bridge/brahma bomb------d.dark-wire------DJ-sobat/jacknife

dan-hien shippu kyaku parody------elena-brave dance------fei-rekka-ken

guile-sonic boom------gouki-shoungoku/kongoku------garuda-blade supers

gen-zanei/shitenshu------guy-hayagake/izuna------hugo-moonsault press

honda-headbutt/sumo splash------hayate-sword slash/sword flip

hokuto-chugeki hou------ibuki-kasumi suzaku/yami shigure

juli-spin-drive-smasher------juni-vega assisst------ken-shoryuken

karin-gurenken------makoto-hayate/fukiage------nanase-staff attack

necro-electric blast------oro-yagyou/tengu------Q-dash attack

ryu/sakura-hadouken------v.rosso-rekka chain------remy-light waves

r.mika-daydream headlock------rolento-mine sweeper/T.N.P.

rose-soul reflect/soul spiral------sean-tackle------sagat-tiger shots

sodom-jikogu scrape/daikyo burn------shadow-death government

sharon-hell fire(gunshot)------skullo-skull crash/skull slide

t.hawk-hawk dive/up-hawk------urien-aegis/metallic sphere

zangief-S.P.D.------yun-you hou------yang-torou zan----12-X.C.O.P.Y.

gill-meteor super/angel super/------dictator-psycho crush/psycho shot

im not familiar with eagle,maki,and i dislike the pullum purna design
Kairi is like gouki i guess.

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great thread:woot:


Dan has the best signature attack.

the parody of a snk copycat :rofl:

Another GameFAQs inspired topic.

no, he literally has a signature attack where he autographs his picture and throws it at his opponent…

Signature Attack?

Dan’s signature attack being used at it’s finest :lol:

if that is a negative i apologize :shy:

i think that is in a marvel crossover game right?

Of course, you completely fail at this:

Dan’s signature attack IS his taunt, and Gill’s is Resurrection.

Video of Dan vs. Gill in Mugen. Note how when Dan’s AI busts out with the Super Taunt, the red and blue scrub actually interrupts it. Lame-ass.

Dan got the best sig att…
I mean, who else signs his autograph and he throws at ya…
Fuckin hilarious…:rofl:

tiberious,im only listing attacks though:rofl:

the legendary taunt is still the most epic super of all time though:woot:

Change Yun’s signature to Genei Jin, and change Yang’s to Raishin Mahaken or Seiei Enbu.

Yang’s has got to be EX slashes because that’s all he does anyway :X

genei jin is not an attack(see my first paragraph)

touru zan = mantis style fist


powerup/enhancement supers should stay. after all, soul reflect is not really an attack.

amazing thread. :woot: