Street Fighter Sketches


I like it, the red really makes him stand out.

oh fuck yeah !

Fun fact: The only way to draw Zangief is using only 360 degree motions with the pencil.

…just kidding. :rofl:


Pretty Cool!


good if you’re just sketching for the fun of it, but my constructive criticism would be that you practice some basic anatomy and perspective before moving onto renditions of more stylized characters such as zangief.

well I wasn’t trying to be harsh or rude, but if you want to improve sometimes its better than just hearing wow that’s great! Obviously this is just a sketch, but its on the internet, I provided my point of view, take it for what it is. You can think I’m just out there to harsh you or you can see it as advice from one artist to another that human studies are vital in the pursuit of one’s own artistic style. You can’t bake a cake without the basic ingredients.

As for needing to know anatomy, its important as you’d know how general musculature and what not go together. Without knowledge of the basic structure of the human body and muscle arrangement, your drawings could look like random masses of flesh that don’t exactly go together. Look at zangief in game and from most official artwork, sure no human could exist like that, but the musculature is generally correct albeit exaggerated.

Zangief is stylized in the sense that he’s a hyperbolization of the human form. Obviously there’s roid ragers out there who are similar, but zangief with bear scars and all is a stylized character like it or not. I didn’t want to turn this into some sort of academic discussion on artwork and style, just was trying to give you some pointers, but like I said you’re free to ignore them.

Neg rep me all you’d like, but I’d enjoy improving in any hobby of mine, whether or not the advice sounds harsh.

The works of George Bridgman for the constructive human anatomy is a good place to do some basic human studies. From there with enough practice the general forms and body masses you would invariably learn from these guys would help in making your artwork even better.

Aww hell yeah man, that beard is savage! :rofl:


I think its looks pretty damn good.

Red Cyclone FTW

I hate gief, I really do but that is pretty damn tight man. Going red was the iceing on the cake


I think you should have made it blue. Red isn’t really 'Gief’s color.

Hehe, just kidding: The art rocks (and so does your avatar). Looking forward to more SF characters in this “exaggerated sketchbook” style. They say that the worst thing an artist can do is “ask for advice,” Looks like you’ve solved that problem!

Love your work!

Added new art, check it out.

Looks cool by me, DEATH OR GLORY.

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Keep up the keep up!

I love your sagat man…DETAIL!!!

excellent shading!