Street Fighter/ SNK comic . . . Enjoy!


Hi Everybody,

Im new here, but I like this place a lot so far. I know this part of the board is for the Udon SF comic, but I was hoping you guys wouldnt mind if I posted this here.

SF/SNK Comic

Here are some more pics:

Hope you guys like em. The book will be out in trade format in April.

I look forward to getting to know some of you here.:slight_smile:


Oh that looks awsome… I wonder if it will come out here in english


Hopefully, the comic won’t suck as much as the game did.

From the look of the images, Ryu & Kyo get p wned harshly.


rofl :lol:


Its comicsone so its a sure bet. Although they havn’t released King of fighters Z, they are pretty much flooding the US manga market with as much stuff as possible…i have 2 of there many books(Saint Legend,Story of Tao) and there great…Can’t wait to see who gets owned.

You laugh cus i’m different, i laugh cus your all the same.


Aside from it beign SvC, It looks pretty disapointing. Just a bunch of poses. Still, Much thanks. I’m still getting it ofcourse…


Last time I went to Hong Kong, I saw some commercials for it. I’ve never really been a fan of the comics in Hong Kong, I don’t the style of their drawings.


Last time I went to Hong Kong, I saw some commercials for it. I’ve never really been a fan of the comics in Hong Kong, I don’t the style of their drawings.


:cool: i think the artwork looks cool, a lot of detail though…


The artwork in those looks really awesome. It might be worth it to get those just for that. We’ll see i guess.

The only bad thing is that there’s nothing more to it than artwork. The storylines for those things are absolutely horrendous. They just do whatever they feel like so they can set up fights and make the characters do special moves.

So if you don’t like the artwork, you’re not going to like it much.

Also, not all of the pages look painted. Just a few of the pages in each issue are full-page splashes and they went all out on those. The rest of it is pretty standard artwork.

So i dunno … hit or miss i guess.


Agree 100%


Same. Few exceptions, though.


I think the artwork looks beautiful. Very dramatic and over the top… very cool!

The Ryu Hadouken picture is everything Jo Chen’s #7 should have been… Although i’m not implying Jo Chen is a bad artist.


I like some HK comics, but they’ve always taken great liberties with the storylines of established franchises, like SF & KOF.

the artwork can be cool and they tend to give a blow-by-blow of each fight scene, wich is both good and bad. Good because they really go into the action in the fight scenes, bad because these scenes drag on and on, and sometimes nothing is really resolved.

And it gets more DBZ-ish each time they fight… it’s like Goku vs Cell again and again.

  1. A fights B.
  2. A whacks B with a hissatsu waza (sure-killing technique)
  3. A is sure match is over.
  4. Smoke clears, and B is still standing and able to fight
  5. close-up of A with look of disbelief (and sweatdrop, if he/she is the hero) that his move didn’t work.

now it’s B’s turn… repeat the cycle, but replacing A with B this time. Each time going into strong and stronger moves.


HK comics eh?? I am definately sticking with the Streetfighter comics made by Udon…only…

For one hk comics lack of a proper storyline/plot going…u could be thinking “wth” is going on within the stories…

I admit their art can be alright at some points…but does not keep it constant…so i usually end up seeing…crap crap crap crap Good crap crap crap Good crap good which is annoying. That is why I like sf by udon…cause the art quality is constant and has the rhythm feel throughout where as hk/svcc/cvs go from sketchy material to pretty nice ones…

Another factor that I mentioned is the story/plot
It can go pretty crazy at some points…just how Rook said it…
but i will mention will actually character names…

Ryu does fireball to Iori
Iori seems to be hit
Smokes vanishes
Iori is alright
Now Iori does the same
then one dies
u seem them “come back” 5 issues later ROFL

haha just look at some situations…in svc:Chaos when vega beat terry bogard (heh i like terry too) all the snk fans (ones from forums) were bitching at that. lol, all were like “WTF, how the f*ck did vega beat terry” and etc…

Also, how the comics don’t follow anything like a canon…
e.g In 3rd strike and svc: chaos Ryu still has the “dark hadou” crap in him…

Weird Stuff: Erm, in one issue Akuma taught Dan some punch which almost killed Ryu but Ryo stopped it. Other weird things that happen were like appearances of two iori’s ( maybe it was because I just skimmed through, but eh)…also a 2nd ryu also appeared, Dark Hadou version who killed Power-up Geese ( In that issue he killed Red Arremer and went up a level and ended up killing Guile, Kim, kyo, Tessa, dhalsim and terry) and said that he completed his mission and flew back into the sky…

Anyways, my opinion is …
Stick to “Udon” hehehe


Udons SF was consistently “good”, but too fast-paced and only had really gorgeous art on issue 0.

SVC has some seriously gorgeous art in the money shots (usually the painted spreads/full pages), and the pace is good. But the writing sucks, they take too many liberties with the material and the art is average in most pages.

The Cammy/Sakura/Ryu mangas have the best action (short but very kinetic and easy-to-read), the art was consistently good, the story had good characterizations and actually presented character development. Theyre the best “package” of the ones we have, IMO.

Udons SF could be the best if they were able to keep the art level of issue 0 every month (unlikely) and they held the pace down, adding character development.


The CVS manhuas shouldnt be ever mentioned.


Hope you guys liked this.

Im definetly picking this up, because of the art. Im not expecting it to be the best comic in the world, but from what I have read from ComicsOne so far has been great so, Im really exited about this.

Im also hoping to get more of an understanding for the SNK characters since I am more of an SF fan and havnt played any of the SNK games besides Capcom vs SNK.

I am also a fan of the UDON comic. It is the book I look forward to most every month (however its usually late, Im not sure if this is because of UDON or Image, but hopefully this problem stops when it switches to Devils Due). I felt the UDON comic works better in TPB form since there is less story per comic because of the flashbacks and everything. I just cant wait 6 months at a time for the tpb to come out.:slight_smile:

In any case, I just wanted to infrom you about the comic so that you all could go to your local comic shops and support Capcom (and SNk). Later.


terry and vega got beef? first he beats geese,then kasier,then the god of war. then gets owned by vega?! i know his cheap but terry didnt know…:frowning:


He wasnt.



Terry fights Bison, Balrog and Orochi Iori, then Vega catches him before he falls.


Hmm… the characterizations are not that good, so dont expect to “get” every SNK character in there. Its too over-the-top and wacky to be faithful.


The artwork for SvC looks very good, very dramatic and all, but I’m am like alot of you, I’m also very sceptic, and NO, I don’t want it to be a DBZ like fight in the comicbook…crap like that will make me go to sleep, I mean, I’d be damn pissed if I had to go through 5 issues of this and watch Ryu and Kyo just look at eachother and talk, then throw a punch in issue 6 then go “Damn, he’s powerful, man…” then another 5 more issues until they go at it again.

Not saying that DBZ isn’t good, it’s still good, but hopefully the makers of this SvC comic book will be good, with solid storyline and good fighting scenes that have good value in it. So I’m crossing my fingers.