Street fighter sounds

Anyone know any websites that have street fighter sound clips for download? like bison PTF , sakura scrape lol, and others.

I’m making a theme for my phone using themegenex and all i need now are tones/sounds. I’ll hook you up with my final product if you help. Thanks

I suggest you do it all yourself. Try to run the game in MAME set the DIP-Switch (Test-Mode) for the game or press F2 if there are no DIP-Switches. This should lead to test-mode. In there is a I/O-Menu. There is also a sound-menu where you can play all music and sounds. Record them with a standard-recording-application like TotalRecorder. Recording in WAV and afterwards cutting it will give you the best results and the “original” arcade music and sounds.

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thanks lechuckie. I was hoping i could save all that work. also i dont have mame installed in my computer. but i know what you mean about having the sounds sound original rather than all distorted.
maybe ill hook up my ps2 to my vaio and capture the sounds that way.
Any other suggestions lechukie.
Thanks for the info.

There are alot of sites that host the Mp3 files of the soundtracks, which include all of the voices. Try galbadia hotel.

hey mike are sure that site still works? im trying it but it wont load. Thanks for the help.

Ah, it must be having a PHP/MYSQL problem. If you wait it will probably come back up. Another site that used to work for me, but for some reason won’t let me download the street fighter files specifically is
Every other game soundtrack works except for SF which is really pissing me off. You might have better luck though.

cool ill try it later. thanks for the info again.

if you can get the sf soundtracks to play back on that site just record them with ur soundcard. make sure ur mic is off tho or u will get a hum in the backround even if its unplugged.

not really looking for music to the games but actually moves. I have some for ryu and chun-li but in this case looking for custom combo soundtracks.
I think i’ll have to put my stuff together and try to capture the soundtracks on my own since i dont think there is anyplace that has them already.

Don’t know how much work is required to do all this but if any of you can do it for me with good sound quality i can paypal you 5-10 bucks.

Thanks for the help guys.

Here is a remixed sound track with some move voices I made. I don’t know, give that a try.

wicho i will make one for you for free. just tell me the game and characters u want and i will record them. idk if i can turn off the music and get just the voices but i will try

Thanks roshihikari but i am doing a cvs2 theme. The ones that i am specifically looking for are
bison PTF, sakura Scrape/shosho, Vega laugh, and blanka roar.
They can be about 2-3 seconds long.
once again i’ll pay somebody a couple of bucks to do it for me if the sound quality is good.

Thanks james123 if you do a good job i might hook you up with something random. Also if the
background music is in its ok as long as it sounds good.

what do you mean by bison PTF and sakura scrape.

btw is a3 cool for the game i get the sounds from?

these are the custom combos for bison and sakura in cvs2. Mainly looking for cvs2 audio.

ohh! i dont have cvs2 for my computer. but i have it for xbox. let me see if i can get the sounds directly from the game disk

Any luck james?

hmm i completely forgot… runs and gets cvs2

nope. u can only get the xbox logo from the cvs2 cd… sorry

It’s back up.

You want the voice collection files. It’s basically almost all of the sounds they make into one long ass .mp3 file.